Fox Is Cracking Down On Anyone Making And Selling Homemade Firefly Jayne Hats Browncoats Are NOT Happy

janye hat

Apparently, fans who have been making and selling their versions of the Jayne hat for roughly the last 10 years are being sent “cease and desist” notices from Fox.

It seems Ripple Junction now has an official license to make the Jayne hat (the one sold through ThinkGeek) and that means independent Browncoats who might be making and selling them are now infringing on the license for a simple patterned hat.

One of the things that really bugs me is the fact that those hats were made with love, with care and with small imperfections — and every one of them was unique.

Just like Jayne and just like Firefly.

And, while I understand that licenses have to be enforced, something about this just feels…

..not shiny.

There’s a lot of questions flying about this and I’m guessing there’d gonna be more news as we go, so stay tuned.

(via Whedonesque)


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