This Couple’s Fantasy Wedding Was More Like A ‘Final Fantasy’ [Video]

final fantasy wedding

Grace and Chris took their fandom and relationship to a whole new level with their Final Fantasy-themed wedding. The entire wedding party cosplayed as characters from the series and the newlyweds even made FAQs to help non-gamer guests.

The cosplay included the bride dressed in Princess Garnet’s coronation gown from FFIX, the bridesmaids dresses were inspired by white mages from FFIII & FFV, Chris and the groomsmen played characters from FF Type-0, the ring bearers rented suits inspired by Turks from FFVII, and there was littlest Aerith flower girl from Crisis Core.

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The couple said their wedding was the “Happiest Day of [their] lives!! No phoenix downs needed!!”

Check out the video of their special day after the break.

(via Kotaku)


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