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Fashionably Geek Reader Halloween Cosplay Gallery [Feature]

From the looks of things, you guys had a lot of fun with your Halloween costumes this year! We’ve chosen some of our favorites from your submissions and put them in the gallery after the break. If you haven’t submitted your costume yet, send a pic to and we might add it to this gallery or a sequel gallery next week.

Little DC ladies submitted by Mindy Warren.

Ms Frizzle wearing a “disease themed” dress cosplayed by Leah Libresco.

Impa cosplayed by AllieCat.

Budget Zoidberg cosplayed by Brian Potash.

Silent Hill nurse by Dollface Cosplay.

Weeping Angel cosplayed by Ally Hansen.

Fat Apollo by Michael McCluskey.

Thor and Loki cosplay submitted by Cait Brown.

Bioshock cosplay submitted by Stephanie Fisher.

Ezio cosplayed by Chris Bisson.

Mass Effect cosplay submitted by Mandy Curtis.

Chewbacca cosplayed by Dano Bennett.

They Live cosplay by Stephanie Foelker.

The Doctor and River Song submitted by Nicole Shelby.

Plague Doctor cosplay by James Nelson.

Harry Dresden cosplay by Korbi.

Rosie the Riveter cosplay by Samantha Winn.

TARDIS cosplay by Antares J. Barr.

Princess Peach cosplay (Samantha Winn’s sister).

Two-Face and Catwoman cosplay submitted by Mickie Holm.

Dipper Pines cosplayed by Eric Windsor.

Willy Wonka cosplay submitted by Steven Fatone.


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