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Clever Mom! Family’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Cosplay Is Awesome And Adorable


One of the best things about cosplay is seeing popular characters brought to life by adorable kids. Jurassic World‘s extreme success can be partially credited to the parents that brought their children into the fandom, so it’s awesome to see this photoshoot featuring Keely Graesser of Mutants, Maidens & Munchkins (and her cute kids). It includes Claire and Owen from Jurassic World alongside Lex and Timmy Murphy from Jurassic Park. The family looks awesome in their costumes, and totally ready to outrun some hungry raptors.

Photos by Neither Noir Photography.

Check out the entire series below.


Keely Graesser as Claire Dearing.


Eldest son Peter made for the perfect Owen Grady.


Great job on the Pratkeeping, Peter!


Sarah and Luke were adorable as Lex and Timmy Murphy!


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