Elhoffer Design Dabbles In Dapper ‘Harry Potter’ And ‘Zootopia’ Vests For Men


While Catherine Elhoffer usually makes geeky women’s apparel, she took a little detour into the men’s department with these two custom-made vests.

The Gryffindor vest looks gorgeous with its Silk Dupioni fabric and lion buttons while the other vest is ready for Dapper Day. It’s based on a Disney character that some people find to be pretty foxy.

As always, I’m impressed. Check out more details below.

Just finished this custom #gryffindor vest for an awesome dude! He threw the patch at me to put on, too 😉 and I found awesome #lion buttons downtown! The welt pockets are functional, and the back strap allows the waist to be tighter! Loved working with the Silk Dupioni, too. Ok. I kinda loved making this. But only cause I have a male mannequin that fits him. It made me feel better to try it on and know it'll fit him 🙂 ???????????? This totally feels like a vest that a #weasley would wear. Or Potter at a celebration ball. Mmmm, Head-canon accepted. ;D #menswear #mensfashion #menstyle #geekchic #geekbound #geekfashion #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotter #handmade #sew #sewing #seamstress #tailoring #hogwarts #red #gold #fandom #potterhead

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Head on over to Elhoffer Design on Etsy to see what’s in stock and request a custom order.


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