Dragon Con Carpet Cosplayers Get A Cease and Desist For Selling Patterned Fabric

carpet cosplay dragon con

One of the coolest costumes at Dragon Con this year was ridiculously clever: Volpin Props went to the Marriott hotel and carefully sketched and re-created the recognizable carpet and designed carpet camo outfits. Photos of the cosplay spread across social media, and Volpin Props responded to the popularity by making the fabric design available on Spoonflower. Unfortunately, the carpet manufacturers weren’t thrilled with this action.

Even though Volpin Props has made their ugly carpet pattern more well known, Couristan, Inc. has sent Volpin a Cease and Desist to stop selling the fabric. I know the manufacturer is legally correct, but you’d think they’d take this unique opportunity to talk to Volpin and do some creative advertising or something rather than just shutting them down. Regardless, any cosplayers who want to make costumes patterned on the carpet will figure it out – they tend to be a resourceful bunch.

(The Daily Dot via SP via BB)


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