Don’t Let Princess Deadpool’s Fluffy Tutu Fool You [Cosplay]

deadpool costume 1

Deadpool isn’t exactly what you’d call a kid-friendly character. He’s a little rough around the edges for the younger demographic. However, it doesn’t mean kids can’t dress like him. This precious three-year-old told her mom exactly what she wanted her Princess Deadpool costume to look like and apparently bossed her around to get it. Okay, maybe she’s getting to be too much like the character already.

You can tell she likes to pose and that she has the attitude down. I’m sort of dying of all the cute sass on display.

See more images of this adorable hero after the break.

deadpool costume 2

deadpool costume 3

deadpool costume 4

deadpool costume 5

deadpool costume 6

deadpool costume 7

deadpool costume 8

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