Dog Jareth Wins Halloween In The Pet Category


“David Bow-Wow As Jareth In LAB-yrinth”. Oh my god.

This, my friends, it what perfection in pet cosplay looks like. Costume Works spoke with Maurene, the creator of the costume, who notes:

My Pomeranian, Duff, looks a lot like David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth so I decided to help him along.

I added some sparkle to a black dog jacket, made a big collar for the jacket and, made the frills in front. For the hair, I cut up an old Halloween wig and made a dog wig with elastics.

The make-up is dog grooming dye and it only took a few minutes to apply because Duff sat so well for it. Anything for a few treats!

(via @CrayonToCrayon)


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