Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Plays Batman [Cosplay]

Matt Smith is the new Batman. Well, in the Play Gotham Autopsy anyway.

Over the weekend, Matt Smith took part in a series of plays put on for Hollywood execs. The event, dubbed 24 Hour Plays, requires that various plays be written only 24 hours in advance then rehearsed for the first and only time during the day of the show.

The Telegraph writes:

At the start of his play—called Gotham Autopsy—Smith was covered in a sheet in a mortuary before he came to life as a confused Batman. Comedian and Don’t Mess With Zohan star Nick Swardson starred as Robin. Also in his play was Kick Ass star Lyndsy Fonseca and fellow Brit Saffron Burrows. Half-way through the 20 minute skit Smith dropped his fake American accent and became a cockney to huge laughs from the audience.

The play is part of Matt Smith’s attempt to break into Hollywood—a goal his predecessor David Tennant (who can be seen in the upcoming Fright Night remake) also shares. Personally, we would love to see them both succeed—though not right away since we are also big fans of Doctor Who.

(via The Telegraph)


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