DIY Weeping Angel Cosplay

I think I’d make a good companion. I’m spunky, somewhat adventurous, and I’m up for traveling through space and time—until Weeping Angels make an appearance. Then I’m going to find a dark corner to hide in and too bad about your luck, dear Doctor. The episode “Blink” was fantastic and terrifying—especially for this girl that likes to explore abandoned places and rather likes cemeteries. I might have tried to run away from a Weeping Angel cosplayer at WonderCon.

Fears aside, it is a beautiful costume. The designers did a fantastic job making people look like moving statues. I’ve seen a handful of people attempt this cosplay with varying levels of success. The mask especially seems to be a challenge.

Well, worry not, cosplayers. Penwiper337 created a detailed tutorial about how she designed this fantastic Weeping Angel costume. I recommend checking out the link below even if you have a casual interest in playing dress up. The post is full of handy tips!

(via LiveJournal)


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