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This Cosplay Shoot Explains The Fate Of Robin In ‘BvS’


Back in September we brought you a sneak peek at a stunning in-progress Batman V Superman Robin cosplay by Crimson Coscrafts. Now that cosplay is complete, and it’s been utilized in an interesting way.

With help from Stephen Doran as the Joker, Lucas Ambrosio and Daniel John Cotton Wall photography, and Alicit Designs makeup, they made an attempt to fill in the gaps left by BvS:

The Robin Suit in BvS has always been a bit of a mystery, there was no explanation to it, how it got there or what happened to the boy wonder. We hoped there would be some deleted scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, sadly nothing materialized. So here is hoping we find out in the Batman solo movie Mr Ben Affleck.

We took the suit and created a short teaser and a series of shots depicting how the joker may have killed Jason Todd. We were highly influenced by under the Red Hood animated movie.

We felt that the blanks with regards to the Robin suit Easter Egg needed to be filled.

Find out how this plays out below.

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