Dad’s Cosplay Antics Are a Hilarious Form Of Child Abuse

When Dale Price found out that a route change woud take his son Rain’s bus right past his house in the morning, he decided to use the opportunity to its fullest. For 170 days out of the school year, Dale waved to the bus each morning in a different, elaborate, and often completely ridiculous costume.

Even though Dale says the costumes and weekday morning waves were “a way of letting him know that we really care about him,” Rain said he doesn’t plan on thanking his dad for the effort, since, for instance, his dad greeted his peers wearing a seashell bra: “I’m not going to reward him for this; his reward is seeing my embarrassment.”

Rain didn’t receive much flak for his Dad’s antics—they found the morning ritual to be fun. In fact, the whole town enjoyed it—which is why the Price family set up a blog to chronicle all of the costumes.

(Metafilter via J-Walk)


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