Cozday Clothing Has Everyday Star Wars And Battlestar Galactica Designs

cozday admiral skirt

Want more everyday cosplay items for your wardrobe? Then you might want to take a look at the offerings from Cozday Clothing. The company’s collection is designed by Leetal Platt, and she draws inspiration from pop culture. Cozday has just opened their shop and are accepting pre-orders through October 1st. Plus, everything is on sale.

The Admiral skirt pictured above is just one example of the creative looks available. It was inspired by the jackets worn on Battlestar Galactica, and it’s a chic and different style. The shop also has Admiral jackets, a silk version of the BSG double tanks, and Viper pilot pants and shirts. Besides Galactica, there are also some Princess Leia and Han Solo styles in the store.

See more of their unique designs after the break.

cozday admiral jacket

Cozday Clothing Fall 2014 20

cozday leia dress

cozday silk double tanks

cozday solo pants

cozday viper pants

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