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Costumed Superheroes Make The Front Page Of The New York Times

Real caped crusaders are walking the streets of America’s cities, and the New York Times took notice. This particular trio (Red Voltage, Asylum, Nihilist) can be found in Salt Lake City; they are part of the Black Monday Society. The group is made up of people who are regular folk by day and costumed patrollers by night—and they’re not alone.

They prowl the night in Boston, in San Francisco, in Milwaukee, in Minneapolis, even as far away as Australia. Whether they are making the world safer or just weirder remains an open question.

Some go out armed with gear like mace, pepper spray or police batons; others say they carry only cellphones, aiming to be eyes and ears for the police, who in most cities, including Salt Lake City, are keeping a wary distance.

It sounds like a Neighborhood Watch but with added spandex. However, if you’ve been following the saga of Phoenix Jones, you’ll know that there can be consequences to becoming a costumed vigilante.

See the article as it appeared on the front page after the break.

(NY Times via Bleeding Cool)


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