Fake Costume Party Christening Is Hilarious For Everyone Except This Guy

Naturally, his girlfriend didn’t want to be associated with him.

I’m not a big fan of pranks, but inviting a whole bunch of people to a party and only telling one person that costumes are required? I have to admit—that’s funny. Make that party a Christening? Legendary comedy. The costume he chose was really the icing on the cake.

He was determined to enter into battle and conquer this awkward party:

At least there was feasting:

Unfortunately, the Holy Grail wasn’t hidden on the buffet table:

At least he found a fair maiden:

Imgur user Surgas notes:

How this evil plan was carried out..

Three weeks before the party we where hanging out at my place and at some point out of the blue I said: “by the way the christening party is gonna be different.. It will be a costume party!” It came quite sudden and I did expect the usual -shut up you twat!- but he just looked at me though a bit suspicious… I had an Ipad in my lap and I started to search for cool costumes. We had some great laughs and talked about going as Rocksteady and Bebob. At this point I was actually sure he had figured out the scam but hey, we had fun.. He went home and I did not think more of it.

2 weeks later he suddenly texted me that he had found the PERFECT outfit and asked if I had a plastic sword he could borrow.. what the… I answered: sorry I do not have a plastic sword, looking forward to see your outfit..

Even at this point, 2 weeks later! I actually thought he was just playing along with the joke.. I guess I was wrong.


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