Cosplayer Business Cards Are a Big Deal In Japan

cosplayer business cards 2

As popular as cosplay is here in the United States, it’s a much bigger deal in Japan. Cosplaying is serious business – and so is having business cards. The fact that people who wear costumes have cards is nothing new; I know several people who have them. It’s nice to give them to photographers so they can send you photos or link to you in a gallery and they’re handy for networking. It’s such a phenomenon in Japan though that companies are specifically targeting cosplayers.

For example, Japanese company Choae has a whole service called Proof. It’s made for cosplayers. They can order business cards featuring photos of different outfits (that part’s important) for a fair price. The cards usually include pictures, website information, and the cosplayer’s name or the name of the character on the card. It’s like carrying around mini pictures so it’s perfect advertisement for those in the business professionally.

See a couple more examples after the break.

cosplayer business cards


(ShiftEast via Kotaku)


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