SyFy’s ‘Cosplay Melee’ Opens A Cosplay Emergency Services Booth At WonderCon

If you are a cosplayer attending WonderCon, you now have two major options for quick costume repair. The first is backed by Duck Tape, and the second is sponsored by SyFy’s new show Cosplay Melee (which you should definitely be watching).

“Cosplay experts and ambassadors” will be on hand to offer quick-fix materials for all cosplayers and offer visitors the opportunity to make their own mask.

Cosplay Emergency Services Booth (137) hours:

  • Friday, March 31 (11:30am-7pm)
  • Saturday, April 1 (9:30am-7pm)
  • Sunday, April 2 (9:30am-5pm)

On Saturday, April 1 at 8:30 pm, Cosplay Melee will also be the presenting sponsor of the 13th annual WonderCon Masquerade held in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. Cosplayers can compete in the onstage event, which awards trophies and prizes to the best costumes in show.


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