Cosplay Couture Combines Pop Culture And Fashion Perfectly

cosplay couture 1

Courtney Coulson and Luke Milton are taking costume photography to a new level. Their Cosplay Couture project merges cosplay and fashion photography with stunning results. They focus more on the “couture construction technique” rather than one hundred percent accuracy, and the effort means they’ve come up with designs that are both creative and impressive.

They’ve tackled costumes from comic books, shows such as Doctor Who, and movies like The Lone Ranger. They offer insight on the costume and the shoot with each of their posts, and I highly recommend following them on Tumblr.

See more of our favorites after the break.

Clara Oswald:

cosplay couture 2

Tinker Bell:

cosplay couture 3


cosplay couture 4

Frankenstein’s monster:

cosplay couture 5

Thanks for the tip, Courtney! Send your cosplay pics to


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