Cosplay Costumes For Comic Loving Couples [Sponsored Post]

Let’s face it, for a while now nerdy has been the new sexy. With that said it’s likely that a lot of us have paired off with some equally nerdy significant others. So that makes picking up costumes suited for couples all the more important for those all-important conventions and parties.

Superman/Wonder Woman

The DC Reboot has been a little shaky for long time fans but the biggest shake up is one that we kind of all secretly wanted anyway. Finally Superman and Wonder Woman are hooking up, leaving the man of steel with a partner he doesn’t have to constantly rescue and the Amazonian warrior princess with a hubby that won’t get insanely jealous of her power. Better yet they don’t have to worry about breaking each other in the bedroom!

Finally it means that cosplayer couples who want to dress up as these iconic characters don’t have to worry about breaking character and getting a little closer.


Another superhero couple that have had a little bit of a relationship boost from the DC reboot (not to mention the last Nolan film) are Catwoman and Batman. The Cat and The Bat have had an on and off relationship that has see-sawed wildly from flirtatious to adversarial all through the previous comics but with the reboot they’re wasting no time in getting together.

This works pretty well for couples costumes (as admittedly it always had) and with so many versions of both costumes it’s going to be fun to partner up with your significant other as either The Dark Knight or Catwoman.

Joker/Harley Quinn

Let’s face it love is a pretty crazy thing and there’s no better example of that than the pairing of Harley and her Mr J. Couples who like to do something a little quirkier with their outfits might want to consider this troubled twosome. While they don’t exactly present the healthiest relationship you have to admit it, in their own sick and twisted way they look good together. This criminal couple is a perfect cosplay option for those who like to be a little bad now and then, there are plenty of versions of The Joker’s outfit out there but you’re probably more likely to only find a limited number of options for Harley Quinn.

Find all of the above superhero costumes and more right here.


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