Coolest Dalek Cosplay Comes With A Dalek Brain

dalek costume

Both of Michelle’s daughters are huge fans of Doctor Who and wanted to have costumes from the series for Halloween this year. One of them specifically wanted to be a Dalek. Michelle made some plans and put this awesome costume together with wood, plexiglass, baseboard, weather stripping, and more. The mishmash of items came together quite well, and it’s a unique costume in that it comes with a Dalek brain. It’s way gross but also very cool.

As for the other daughter? She wanted to be a Doctor complete with TARDIS. Yes, they are my favorites.

Check out more photos of the Dalek as well as the TARDIS after the break.

dalek brain

dalek and tardis

dalek and tardis 2

dalek costume 2

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(CW via Neatorama)


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