Chewbacca Was Arrested For Trying To Help Darth Vader Vote [Video]

chewie arrest

It’s all fun and games in Ukrainian politics until a Wookiee shows up and gets arrested.

According to reports, Chewbacca drove Darth Vader to his local polling place in Odessa so the Sith Lord could vote in a local election. No, I’m not making this up.

Chewie was driving an Empire van shuttle and apparently parked docked shoddily, which led to the authorities asking to see some ID. Chewie was unable to comply.

The caption on the Ukrainian Police’s Instagram (They have an Instagram!) explained it thusly (Translation by Google):

“Nothing unusual, just Chewbacca tied for driving without documents he picked up Darth Vader to the elections in Odessa. Sith Lord has already said that it is illegal for Chubbaka – his pet and general servant, so that it does not need papers”

Chewie was fined 170 Ukrainian hryvnia (roughly $7.50 USD) in court on Monday and I’m guessing they’re considering the case closed.

My bigger question is, why was Chewbacca driving Darth Vader around? Is he some kind of Double Agent? Is this part of the new canon?

If you’re wondering, Chewbacca put up on heck of a fight and it took several officers to subdue him.

Check out the video, tweets and pictures after the break.

chewie van

empire van

Additional photos via Dumskaya.

(via Buzzfeed)


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