Check Out This Steampunk Borderlands/Rage Inspired Mask

Bioware suit steampunk 1

How would you like a wicked one of a kind steampunk biopunk cool helmet accessory? The correct answer is “who wouldn’t?!”

Etsy seller Brian Cargile built the item for a competition taking place in March but has listed it for sale. The design is the definition of cool. It has all kinds of fancy parts, and it makes an impression. From the seller:

All made from scratch and given plenty of uniqueness and personality; This helmet is made of a durable EVA foam base and has machine parts , metal and plastic tubes, Light up Vials that are full of UV reactive (and non toxic) liquid illuminated by LEDs, adjustable straps that conform to most head sizes, LED eye and light up push-actived”gas” filter. and best of all…The side of the face has MOVING GEARS driven by a small motor powered by a AAA battery pack. All together, They pull off a real unique bioshock-steampunk look perfectly.

Please note the listing is for the helmet only and that it won’t ship until after March 23.

Check out more pics and a video of the helmet in action after the break.

Bioware suit steampunk 2

Bioware suit steampunk 4

Bioware suit steampunk 3

Product Page ($335 via Obvious Winner)


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