This Mother And Daughter Disney Cosplay Is Beyond Beautiful

Photographer Camillia Courts has teamed up with her 7-year old daughter Layla for some spectacular Disney-themed cosplay that has just begun its takeover of Instagram. Check out more examples below.

Still one of my favourites 🙂 ? #meridacosplay #merida #disneyprincesscosplay #disneycosplay #disneyprincess #bravecosplay

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An underrated cosplay, but one of my favourites:) #bighero6 #bighero6cosplay #honeylemon #honeylemoncosplay #baymax

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Elastigirl: "Wait a minute, wait a minute! You left Jack-Jack ALONE?" Violet: "Yes Mom, I'm completely stupid – OF COURSE we got a sitter… Do you think I'm totally irresponsible? Thanks a lot!" Fun facts about this session! -I had the idea to do Violet 2 days before we shot it. -I somehow found a black wig AND the costume the day before. -I looked everywhere for black tall kids boots before I realized I'm going to have to make them. -We made the mask out of EVA foam a few hours before we shot it. -I had to sew the gloves to almost nothing just so they'd fit on her tiny little hands -We photographed this in our backyard. The background is NOT our backyard. -Photo session lasted less than 15 minutes. Photo by: @camilliacourtsphoto #incrediblescosplay #disneycosplay #theincredibles #violetincredible #cosplaymakeup #theincredibles #theincrediblescosplay #elastigirl #dashcosplay #mrincredible

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Apparently, Camillia and Layla deliver a new princess cosplay each month, so keep tabs on their website and Instagram page for more.

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