Brilliant 3-In-1 Electroluminescent Halloween Superhero Suit


Remember last Halloween when those kids riding a custom Mad Max Power Wheels War Rig went viral? Or how about that adorable Ecto-1 costume or the Back To The Future DeLorean from a few years back? Despite a desire to take a break from elaborate Halloween costume builds for Halloween this year, Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith couldn’t resist doing something creative.

Inspired by the original Glowy Zoey costume (you have to check out this year’s Glowy Zoey costume btw) Cory and Jeremy decided to tackle their own version of an electroluminescent costume with a 3-in-1 superhero upgrade. Take a closer look at the costume below.



Head on over to RottenKitten to learn more about the build and see the costume in action.

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