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Brace Yourself For The Cuteness Of This My Little Pony Equestria Girls Cosplay Group

equestria girls 1

When I heard the news about Equestria Girls I wasn’t sure what to think about the concept. My Little Ponies as human-esque girls?! However, to my delight, the movie was fun and the design of the characters wasn’t weird. The Mane Six looked just liked the pony versions of themselves, and these cosplayers captured those looks. They used the magic of friendship to assemble and bring the pony-humans to life. Yeah, it sounds weirder when you call them pony-humans.

According to Geek x Girls, here are all the participants:

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls cosplay! Featuring Shelbeanie Cosplay as Twilight Sparkle, Sarahndipity Cosplay as Pinkie Pie, DrowninginRice Cosplay as Rainbow Dash, DestructiveDoll Cosplay as Fluttershy, Pam Keesler as Applejack, Katherine Cid as Rarity, and Steven Hyde as Spike.

Photos by Starrfall Photography.

More of the series after the break.

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