These 3D Printed Bionic Wolverine Claws React To Your Muscle Movements [Video]


Wolverine claws that retract and deploy on command are nothing new. However, MyoWare’s claw reacts to your muscle movements. It senses when you flex your muscle and the four inch claws come popping out in a fraction of a second. Then just relax your arm and the claw recedes into the glove.

The best news though is MyoWare has made their hardware technologies open source and has generously shared their step-by-step instructions to build the claws for yourself.

Aside from the awesome cosplay possibilities, their Kickstarter campaign is giving back to the community. They will be donating one of the new 4th generation sensors for every five backers to Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit that builds and donates 3D-printed myoelectric prosthetic arms to children in need around the world.

Check out the video of the claws in action after the break.


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