Bender Proposes In Binary [Cosplay]

When you think about romantic marriage proposals, the word “binary” might not cross your mind. For the right person however, binary language means love (or <3). Think I’m crazy? A guy wearing a Bender mask made a video and proposed to his girlfriend entirely in binary code. That’s about three minutes of reciting 0’s and 1’s.

In case you wondered, the girl said yes. From the bride to be:

My boyfriend told me I had to close my laptop for a couple minutes, then when I logged back on this was posted to my facebook wall. He sat across the room as I transcribed and then decoded it. After about a half hour I found out it says, “Rachel, you are awesome. Will you marry me?” I said yes, of course.

Check out the proposal after the break.

(via Geekologie)


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