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The Ultimate Batman Cosplay Earned A Guinness World Record For Gadgets [Video]


I bloody love cosplayers. I especially love cosplayers who go above and beyond, like Julian Checkley. Not content with merely looking like Batman – specifically, Batman as seen in the Batman: Arkham series of games – he gave the costume working gadgets, too. A LOT of working gadgets.

There are a total of twenty-three fully functional gadgets on Checkley’s Batsuit, which so impressed the folks at Guinness World Records that they awarded him “Most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit” in their upcoming Gamer’s Edition for 2017. See the suit in action below, along with a list of all the gadgets.

  1. A Fireball Shooter
  2. Two (2) Gauntlet Video Screens
  3. A Bat Tracking Beacon
  4. Bat Sign Projector
  5. A Folding Batarang
  6. A Grapnel Gun
  7. Cowl Respirator (as opposed to a “cow respirator”, which would have zero function in the notoriously pasture-free streets of Gotham)
  8. A Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun
  9. An “Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device”
  10. Four (4) Bat Shuriken
  11. A UV Lamp
  12. Two (2) Ball Bearing Grenades
  13. A Gauntlet Flashlight
  14. A Medi-kit
  15. A Battery Pack
  16. A Laser Designator
  17. A “Bat-cam” (presumably some kind of chiroptera-specific photography equipment)
  18. A Strobe Stun Gun
  19. A Gas Dispenser
  20. Two (2) Smoke Bombs
  21. A “Bat Flask” (in case daddy needs his juice)
  22. A “Concealed Laryngeal Microphone”
  23. A Two-way Radio

That’s a pretty impressive list, wouldn’t you say? Congrats to Checkley on the completion of his suit and its inclusion in the Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

(via Mashable)


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