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There’s A New BatKid And He’s Already Saving Babies

real life bat kid

We all know about BatKid Miles here in the states, but now there’s a new BatKid in the UK who’s a real life superhero.

Five-year-old Zavi Ahmed was in a Tesco parking lot with his mom and brother when One-year-old Iris Adamski accidentally got locked in her grandmother’s VW Beetle. Her grandmother was desperate for help and called the police. However, they were unable to fit inside the car after breaking a window.

Enter Zavi who was, awesomely enough, dressed as Batman for the day (his little brother had dressed as Superman. Extra cool points to their mom). Due to his small size, and heroic valor, Ravi was able to climb into the broken window and get the keys, thereby saving the day and the fair maiden.

When asked for comment on his heroic act, Ravi answered “I always feel like a superhero but that day was special.”

My hero.

(via The Daily Mirror)


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