BatDad Is Both A Superhero Parent And Hilarious Vine User [Video]


I am happy to live in a world with BatDad in it. Because BatDad is like us underneath the mask. He’s also become a Vine sensation and it’s totally easy to see why.

He recently explained how all of this happened to Buzzfeed.

About three weeks ago my wife and I were shopping for a child’s birthday party we were going to that weekend with our family. While browsing the toy aisle I saw that Batman mask and put it on just playing around. I ended up buying it and when we got in the minivan I put it on and told my wife I’m BatDad lol. I made that first vine about driving a minivan with the mask on and we just cracked up. It was so fun I just kept making them. I started getting comments from a lot of parents telling me how funny they are and how they can relate. I got on the Vine “on the rise” page and things kind of exploded from there. This past weekend a top Viner, Jessica Cook revined two of my posts and it just really shot me up there. When I first got Vine i tried doing the typical “try to be funny” stuff, and it actually drove my family kinda nuts. I decided to stop doing that and just have fun with them by doing this BatDad stuff. My wife thinks its hilarious and my kids sometimes do (depending on their moods lol).

He also tweets over at @BatDadVine, so it’s easy to keep up on the day to day BatDad happenings.

But many of you may not be familiar with his Vines, so there’s a collaboration video after the break 😉

(via Gawker)


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