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We’ve All Been There: Girl Gets Her Head Stuck In A Barney Costume


Oh, poor Darby Risner. You’ve got to feel sorry for her. All she wanted to do was jump out on one of her friends while wearing a Barney the Dinosaur costume she’d found in the basement of her church, but instead she found herself trapped in the costume’s head for several hours.

The tale is harrowing to say the least.

See, it turns out the neck of the costume was a little wider than… well, than her entire frame. Once she got the head on it slipped past her shoulders and biceps, at which point the costume became properly stuck. Even after applying Vaseline, her friends couldn’t rescue her from her purple prison.

Enter the Auburn, AL Fire Department! Or rather, they entered the Auburn, AL Fire Department, which must’ve been a real treat for the front desk clerk. Firemen made several attempts to pull the head off, with no success.


Okay, now we’re in full crisis mode. Clearly, the man on the left is the kind of person that laughs in the face of danger.


After some time, the firefighters grabbed a pair of scissors to cut the girl free, and Darby’s forty-five minute ordeal was over:


Darby Risner, who spent three quarters of an hour trapped in Dinosaur Hell survived her ordeal, and for that we salute her. Good job, Darby. Many have fallen prey to Barney, but few have lived to tell the tale.

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