Awesome $35,000 Crowdfunded Iron Man Suit Gets Shut Down By Marvel


This would be the ultimate Iron Man cosplay, but Marvel swooped in the minute they noticed its existence. Iron Man Factory developed an awesome 3D prototype of the suit with a sliding faceplate and eyes and palms that light up, and they made an attempt to crowdfund it into existence without asking Marvel first. Details on the suit include:

Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Body
Metal Joints for Stability and Durability
2mm EVA Internal Cushion Lining
Manually Assembled by Human
AAA Batteries Powered
Sensor Enclosure Opening System
Intelligent LED Lightning System
Designed for 170-188cm Tall Human Body
Everything less than 3KG
Full Armor Suit Measures Approx. 192 CM Tall

Before the site got taken down you could pledge $1,999 for an injection moulded Iron Man Mark III full armored suit, $1,299 for just a 3D printed helmet or $35,000 for the entire suit. Once they got 5000 backers at the $1,999 level they planned to start cranking out enough suits to make Tony Stark’s head spin. Did they expect Marvel to be okay with all this? Who knows—but its pretty clear that these suits won’t be available for anyone outside of China.

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(via TechCrunch)


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