An Incredibly Perfect Merida Cosplay

merida 3

This is Angela, she’s 15 and she may be one of my fave cosplaying discoveries ever.

Not only does she keep a Tumblr and WordPress blog updated with her latest cosplay creations, she gives in depth instructions on how she made things and where she finds her materials.

Her Merida is not only gorgeous, but I love her take on the Merida makeover madness:

One of my major Merida cosplay pet peeves is people using broadcloth or very lightweight, swishy fabrics for Merida’s dress. Or even worse, materials with a sheen and glitter! We are supposed to be in 10th century Scotland, and a horse-riding-archery-master-tom-boy-all-around-awesome-strong-female-character, we would not put up with that sh*t.

I want to meet this girl!

More pics after the break.

merida 2

merida cosplay

merida 4

(via Jezebel)


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