Amazing GLaDOS Cosplay Involves Wire Suspension And Hanging Upside Down [Video]

glados costume

Never underestimate the fortitude and willpower of cosplayers; when they go all in with a costume, they really commit. Enayla brought a whole new meaning to cosplayer dedication recently at PAX Prime. She dressed up as GLaDOS from Portal 2 and actually hung from a portable frame for four and a half hours (off and on, but still!). Yes, like dangling from wires. And she was upside down. Wow. It’s beyond impressive.

She made the frame from from PVC pipes and used parachute cords for the harness. She made the body of GLaDOS from Worbla and spent a lot of time getting the crackle effect on the armor just right. My mind is blown.

Check out more photos and a video of GLaDOS in action after the break.

glados costume 2

glados costume 3

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(via The Verge/Image via Count3D” Dobrzensky)


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