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Amazing ‘Batman v Superman’ Robin Cosplay In Progress


Maybe I’m biased, but it does seem like the British are better at some things than everyone else. We make better chocolate, great television, and nobody does Imperialist totalitarianism like we… well, we used to. Maybe we still do! Depends on how that Brexit thing shakes out.

So my chest swells with British pride as I share with you this Robin cosplay by fellow Brit Stevie Dee, who modeled his outfit on the one briefly seen displayed inside of a case in the Batcave during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Y’know, the one that the Joker had graffito-tagged.

The suit features recently-added leather accents and will soon have weathering and scuffing to age it, but the centerpiece of Dee’s suit is an amazing belt, sculpted by fellow cosplayer Lee Hurley. Hurley’s name might sound familiar to anyone who saw that amazing Groot cosplay from Dragon Con a couple of years ago. Check out more photos of the suit build below.

(via CBR)


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