Hot Topic Debuts Their ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ Fashion Collection


Hot Topic has tumbled back into Wonderland with new designs based on Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass. Most of the new pieces are for women, but there are a couple fanciful things there for the guys as well. Hot Topic is also offering the ladies both juniors and plus size options.

I have to say, that Mad Hatter vest is tempting me in a very intense way.

The collection will be available in stores on May 27th or you can pre-order online now.

Check out more designs from the collection below.

ATTLG_Alice Dress

ATTLG_Alice PS Dress

ATTLG_Alice Embroidered Dress

ATTLG_Alice Mad Hatter Vest

ATTLG_Mad Hatter PS Vest

ATTLG_Mad Hatter Grn Jacket

ATTLG_Mad Hatter Jacket

ATTLG_Mad Hatter Vest

ATTLG_Red Queen Hearts Dress

ATTLG_Red Queen Hearts PS Dress

ATTLG_Red Queen Coat

ATTLG_Mad Hatter PS Jacket


Alice Through The Looking Glass Fashion Collection (Prices Vary)


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