Alan Moore Meets Occupy London Demonstrators in V For Vendetta Masks [Video]

Some protesters in the Occupy London movement have donned the oh-so-recognizable Guy Fawkes mast from V for Vendetta. They identify with the character, even take inspiration from his rebellious acts. Given the connection, United Kingdom’s Channel 4 news managed to get Alan Moore out and on the street talking to the demonstrators in London.

“It’s a bit surprising when some of the characters you thought you made up suddenly seem to escape into ordinary reality,” Moore told some disguised protesters. “I mean, what is it about the mask — is it just useful, or what?”

He does admit that the protest is well organized, and he seems impressed.

The reporter points out that each mask these demonstrators are purchasing actually puts money into Time Warner’s wallet. I’m pretty sure that’s just the kind of giant corporation this crowd is taking a stand against. Moore also discusses Frank Miller’s opinion on the Occupy movements (Miller has been rather vocal with his disapproval) and states:

“If there’s something in the world happening that you don’t agree with, protest against it. If there’s something that you wish existed in the world, work towards realizing it.”

Watch the interview with Alan Moore after the break.

(via Bleeding Cool)


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