A Sexy Femme Greedo Cosplay From SDCC

Corinne Alexandra greedo

Corinne Alexandra of Stuck With Pins did a sexy, badass Femme Greedo cosplay at SDCC and she sent us some pics and info on the “making of”. You know we had to post it.

Take some time to read the reasons behind the making of this costume and you’ll see hints of the “fake geek girl” debate that’s been an ongoing thing recently.

The last two years I rocked the sexy Chewbacca costume I made in 2010. But as absurd as it sounds, scantily-clad wookiees apparently became an overabundant trend at the Con and some Reddit-trolling nerds got their whitey tighties in a twist over seeing their favorite walking carpet sexualized by “fake nerd girls.” In response, I’ve set out to upset a few more Star Wars fans by sexualizing one of the most unsexy characters in the galaxy far far away — Greedo. Yes, our beloved overzealous bounty hunter with the infamous sloppy marksmanship.

I admit, sometimes I love when geek girls take on the fight in ways like this. Sexy and geeky don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Good for her.

Check out more pics after the break, including the designing of this cosplay.

Corinne Alexandra greedo 4

Note per Corrine: ps. Before I get harassed for it, I apologize for using Han Solo’s blaster and not a DT-12. It’s the best I could do.

Corinne Alexandra greedo 3

Corinne Alexandra greedo 2

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