A Princess Leia Costume Constructed Out Of Duct Tape [Cosplay]

Lindsay Boo Barrasse made this Princess Leia costume out of duct tape, a button down shirt and a pillowcase. Even the famous bun hairdo is made out of tape. As if that wasn’t nerdy enough, you can see her posing in the image above while standing in front of a periodic table for some reason.

Check out a video of Lindsay describing how she built the dress after the break.

the dress lining is a white button down shirt and a pillow case for
the skirt – all put together as one piece

I used 4 1/2 rolls of 15 yard white duct tape, one roll of black for the hair and one roll of silver.

the belt buckle piece was a vintage bucket painted with silver nail polish and a small piece of cut cardboard

my blaster is an authentic star wars blaster hasbro 2004

The dress would be a modern size 2-4

(via Neatorama)


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