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A Beautiful Mass Effect Tali Costume

tali cosplay 4

Mass Effect is full of cool character designs, and Tali’s outfit is definitely one the most striking in the game. Cosplayer Ayimera sported a gorgeous re-creation:

This was definitely a collaboration costume. I purchased the visor from Taylor at Crabcat Industries and handed it off to Will at WM Armory to create the helmet. My friend, Meredith (who is also an amazing cosplayer), created Tali’s signature wrap/hood as a wedding present (best present ever), and Ammnra Creations did the omni-tool. I put it all together, created all the detail bits (belt, harness, boots, gloves, etc), installed a fan and tint in the helmet, and debuted the costume at Katsucon ’13!

Photographed by Mike Kowalek.

Check out more lovely photos after the break.

tali cosplay 1

tali cosplay 2

tali cosplay 3

tali cosplay 5

tali cosplay 6

(via GxG)


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