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8 Examples Of Unique And Brilliant Cosplay [Feature]

baker street cosplay

Cosplayers spend a lot of time thinking out of the box. Whether they’re devoting their energy to figuring out how to make a prop weapon from items in the hardware store aisle or designing a fresh and off the wall outfit, they deserve admiration. I particularly admire cosplayers who come up with unique ideas and twists; it’s fun to see costumes you’ve never seen or thought of previously.

The above photo of the lady cosplaying as 221B Baker St is a shining demonstration of creativity. (Image found on Tumblr).

See more examples of clever costumes after the break.

Oregon Trail costume

If you’re the right age, this Oregon Trail costume is hilarious and smart. Photo by dtjaaam.

gangnam style

For better or worse, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” took over the internet for a thankfully brief period. It’s so popular people cosplayed as characters who appeared in the video for a second. Image found on Reddit.

jaynes hat cosplay

Dressing like Jayne from Firefly is nothing new but making your costume his signature cunning hat is freaking genius. Image found on Reddit.


Why dress like James Bond when you can be the N64 GoldenEye video game cartridge? Image found on Reddit.


Doc Ock is a costume I’ve seen done several times, but this is the only version I’ve seen that comes with Spider-Man. Well done, Rob.


This is the first Stan Lee costume I’ve ever seen, and the fact that it’s being worn by a little girl is pretty much the best thing ever. Image found on Tumblr.


Take a classic movie star like Audrey Hepburn, add terrifying makeup, and tada – new and improved zombie. Image found on Imgur.

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