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This Awesome Ultron Mask Was Assembled Using A 3D Printer


The fantastic Hero Complex Props sole purpose is to help cosplayers improve their costume with accessories using the technology of 3D printing. This impressive Ultron helmet was pulled off by group effort, starting with a 17-year old designer.

Jacob Morin created the helmet using the program Blender then passed off the design to the founder of Hero Complex Props, Michael Ruddy. Using his gMax 1.5 XT 3D printer from gCreate, Ruddy printed the helmet in four pieces. The jaw printed in 13 hours, the ears in 10, while the face and top portion of the helmet required 30 hours each. Although this was a terribly long printing process, breaking it down this way ensured the structure would have the stability and support it needed.

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The pieces were then delivered to Sean Shaw of Shawshank Cosplay Props for the finishing touches and to create a mold. Shawn glued the pieces together, sanded and polished it with XTC-3D’s Smooth On epoxy. Then the helmet was taken apart in order to create a silicone mold. After the mold was created, the newly made pieces were assembled, spray painted, and outfitted with glowing red LEDs.

Check out photos from the building process after the break. 




(3D Printing Industry via 3D Print)


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