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3D Print This Badass Superhero Mask


3D printing company Zortrax (who, given that company name, may also be looking to recruit five teenagers with attitude to take on Rita Repulsa) have provided the files and the instructions to 3D-print this badass superhero mask.

The design is intended to be used with Zortrax’ M200 printer using Z-HIPS printing filament which, to quote their website, is a “thermoplastic polymer allows for high impact resistance making it perfect for prototype enclosures and covers” (and superhero costumes, it would appear). Still, if you don’t have their proprietary printer and fancy-schmancy printing filament the STL files can be fed into any printer. Just the sort of generosity we’d expect from a giant disembodied head in a fish tank.

We might be going overboard with the Zortrax/Zordon thing.

Check out shots of the finished product below.




The design of the helmet immediately puts one in mind of Batman Beyond, but I’m sure there are other applications for this design. Crafty 3D printeristas might even be savvy enough to tweak the design to suit other purposes! You can snag the files from the Zortrax website.

(via Make)


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