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While Legend of Zelda cautions against wearing Majora’s Mask, I’m hoping there’s a loophole if it’s the mask on leggings and not on your face.

Cause these are really cool.

They may be a bit on the pricy side, but they’re made to order in Australia and are hand cut and sewn by designer Sam Kays.

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league of legends Katarina

Cosplayer Yasemin Arslan of Vera Chimera Cosplay put together this gorgeous League of Legends Katarina cosplay.

She made the armor from Worbla’s Finest Art and the swords were a mix of Worbla, a wooden base, Fimo air clay and craft foam. Apparently, the spikes were crazy sharp. I think they look pretty killer.

Photos by Beethy Photography.

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X-Men Rogue Skater Dress

I’m loving this trend of cosplay skater dresses. They can be worn casually for daily life or you can dress it up a bit for a cosplay or a night out at the bar at your favorite con.

Plus, with a 95% cotton 5% spandex blend, they’re pretty much wash and wear which is good when you have to save the world in a hurry.

Product Page: ($39.99)


Black Milk Clothing has returned to the world of Harry Potter with its Hogwarts 2.0 line of fashions. They’ve got a huge selection that includes leggings, dresses and even bomber jackets. It features character clothing with house elf Dobby and Sirius Black as well as designs with the Marauders Map, Weasley Weather Bottle, Patronus and more. The full line will be available for purchase beginning on April 8th.

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If you’ve been debating what to wear to the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier next week, look no further than Gold Bubble Clothing’s latest line. The company’s new limited specialty collection is inspired by the superhero and features leggings, a skirt, and two types of dresses, including a new A-Line design. They are also offering a high neck style for the first time.

Each item features Captain America’s iconic star symbol and comes in either stylish stealth blue or classy gunmetal grey.

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3d printed corset

It’s no secret that 3D printing is improving by leaps and bounds. Designers are leveraging the abilities of 3D printers to create incredible things, and Michaella Janse van Vuuren is using a new printer – a Objet500 Connex3 – to create dazzling fashion. The print has three nozzles which means it can print in three materials at the same time or in different colors of the same material.

Van Vuuren has used the mixture of textures and colors to develop her new “Garden of Eden” line. It includes the intricate and gorgeous corset pictured above as well as some eye-catching footwear pictured after the break. I can’t help but imagine what this technology will do for cosplay as 3D printers become more widely available and more affordable.

Watch a video showcasing what the printer can do after the break.

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scale top 1

Business casual attire just stepped up to the plate and is prepared for battle. This sleek and stylish turtleneck from Akira is 3/4 serious and 1/4 badass. The right neck to the end of the right sleeve is covered in a scale pattern that makes it look like armor; the scales are fashioned from pleather and chiffon. To say I’m in love with this piece is an understatement. I’d love to see an entire line of tops and dresses with a similar faux armor feature.

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crash bam leggings

One of the best things about superhero comics (and the old Batman series) is all of the CRASH! BANG! POW! that goes on in bright primary colors.

If you’re a fan of the KABOOM!, you can wear these DC Heroines Crash Bam Women’s Leggings and walk down the street confident in the knowledge that you’re just as kick ass as they are.

Product Page ($29)

betabrand main

This may well be one of the best examples of fashionably geek that we’ve ever seen.

Betabrand recently put out a casting call for new models and looked for a very specific type of woman to model their new Spring clothing line; women who have doctorates or are doctoral candidates. Bravo, Betabrand.

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i want to believe crop top

Etsy store Rusty Cuts has a magical power that will force you to throw money at the screen.

At least, that’s what happened to me when I saw the pictures of this X-Files inspired “I Want To Believe” crop top.

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