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These yoga pants will add a little nerd flair to your workout. There are four styles so you can choose between Unicorn Rainbow, Heart Health Bar, Carnivorous Plant, or Dice. Each has a fold down waist with the design running down the outside of the left leg.. They’re made of a stretchy 95% cotton/ 5% Spandex blend so they’ll be super comfortable, too.

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We never knew we wanted to dress up like an Ewok, but after seeing this tease of a new Her Universe hoodie it’s all we can think about! Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein teased the new product on Tumblr writing “For all of the Ewok lovers out there, this one’s for you!”

It looks like the photo was part of a shoot for new products that will be coming soon. Eckstein also offered a sneak peek at some cute  Star Wars and Doctor Who-themed dresses. No word on when these might be released, though the #sww2014 tag used on the Ewok post may indicate we’ll see the Star Wars designs appear at next month’s Star Wars weekends.

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direwolf leggings

We have another entrant in the “makers of very cool leggings” department. These Game Of Thrones inspired leggings by Poprageous are made in Los Angeles and “sweatshop free” according to their site. Poprageous owner Cher also says they’re constantly on the look out for new designs inspired by art and pop culture.

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Maleficent  batwing pullover

There was a point there when I began to despair for Hot Topic because there was absolutely nothing I wanted, but now I’m worried because they have so much stuff I want that they’re going to make me broke!

They’ve already created some gorgeous Disney items, but this time they’ve partnered with Disney on a Maleficent clothing line that is more about fashion inspired by the movie than branded merchandise and, I have to say, I like it. Especially the Batwing pullover hoodie.

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chell leggings and tank

Want to dress like Chell from Portal without investing in a jumpsuit? WeLoveFine has an everyday cosplay solution for you. You can pair their new Aperture Laboratories tank and orange leggings for an easy costume (just add a mini Portal gun), or you can wear them just because. The tank would look great with jeans, and the leggings would definitely work with a blank tank or tunic. I love the versatility built into the design of these two pieces.

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Sailor Moon fans, get thee to Japan where you can shop to your heart’s content at the newly opened Girls Love Mode: Let’s Prism Power Make Up in Tokyo. This boutique features all sorts of Sailor Moon products from Honey Bunch, Secret Honey, and Riccimie Premiere Salon. Sadly, this shop is only going to be around for a limited time (April 1st to April 8th) so book that flight quickly if you want a chance at these fashions.

Photo via Isetan

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While Legend of Zelda cautions against wearing Majora’s Mask, I’m hoping there’s a loophole if it’s the mask on leggings and not on your face.

Cause these are really cool.

They may be a bit on the pricy side, but they’re made to order in Australia and are hand cut and sewn by designer Sam Kays.

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league of legends Katarina

Cosplayer Yasemin Arslan of Vera Chimera Cosplay put together this gorgeous League of Legends Katarina cosplay.

She made the armor from Worbla’s Finest Art and the swords were a mix of Worbla, a wooden base, Fimo air clay and craft foam. Apparently, the spikes were crazy sharp. I think they look pretty killer.

Photos by Beethy Photography.

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X-Men Rogue Skater Dress

I’m loving this trend of cosplay skater dresses. They can be worn casually for daily life or you can dress it up a bit for a cosplay or a night out at the bar at your favorite con.

Plus, with a 95% cotton 5% spandex blend, they’re pretty much wash and wear which is good when you have to save the world in a hurry.

Product Page: ($39.99)


Black Milk Clothing has returned to the world of Harry Potter with its Hogwarts 2.0 line of fashions. They’ve got a huge selection that includes leggings, dresses and even bomber jackets. It features character clothing with house elf Dobby and Sirius Black as well as designs with the Marauders Map, Weasley Weather Bottle, Patronus and more. The full line will be available for purchase beginning on April 8th.

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