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gal main

Apparently, the newest photo trend in the “Gal” subculture in Japan is not looking at the camera.

Gal women like to wear over the top, outrageous fashion that is pretty much the exact opposite of what’s considered proper for young Japanese woman. They tan, they have incredibly intricate nails and hair and they definitely go out of their way to make a fashion statement.

I kind of think they’re fabulous in that drag queen sort of way. I’m sure they put a lot of work into this look from what I can tell.

However, the whole shy camera thing is new and the Japanese media has dubbed it the “Face Down Pose”. However, we prefer Kotaku’s term “hair smiles”.

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Now you can keep the TARDIS (or at least its sign) with you wherever you go with MombieZombie’s Doctor Who Call Box Sign Pendant. The sign’s cast in black resin and features hand-painted lettering.

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Add some old school gaming to your style with dresses designed after the games you used to play in the arcade. These fitted dresses are available with all-over prints of either Pac-man or Tetris. There’s even Pac-man leggings if dresses aren’t your thing.

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There’s nothing more comfy than a pair of leggings, and nothing cuter than these Kawaii Star Wars and Superhero versions. They’re made from a 95/5 polyester/spandex blend for a snug fit and are covered with adorable versions of Chewie, Vader, Spider-Man, Captain America and more.

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mockingjay silk dress

If you have a penchant for high fashion, deep pockets and you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, you can now wear clothing created by Catching Fire’s costume designer Trish Summerville.

Summerville has unveiled her Capitol Couture collection for NET-A-PORTER, which fuses the film’s themes into both clothing and accessories.

Personally, I’d have a hard time paying approximately $120 for a t-shirt that says “Girl On Fire”, but I think the silver cuff and the Twill jumpsuit are gorgeous.

You can see more samples from the collection after the break.

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Sure, there may be snow on the ground right now, but summer will be here before you know it and you are going to want these beautiful swimsuits when it arrives. There are four different Star Wars styles including Chewbacca, Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and Darth Maul (until Lucasfilm gets wind of them anyway. They don’t appear to be officially licensed). There’s even a great bikini for all you gamer girls that’s bright pink with a Nintendo game controller pattern.

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10th doctor A line

Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe has such a great imagination for clothes. Where some people are happy to slap a logo or a name on something and call it a “Doctor Who” dress, Ashley goes all out and creates an A-Line dress of the Doctor’s outfit.

She’s done both the Tenth Doctor and the 11th Doctor. Both of these adorable dresses are in stock now.

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meagan marie

Cosplayer Meagan Marie posted this makeup tutorial recently in response to the numerous times she’s been asked how to do makeup for her “battle hardened” costumes like Warrior Wonder Woman, Anya Stroud, Gabrielle Belmont, and more.

This 15 minute video has a great breakdown on what products she uses and how she applies them.

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wow wedding pics

When Craig and Zoe decided to do their engagement photos, they eschewed the usual for this stunning WoW cosplay. Clad as King Varian Wrynn and Tyrande Whisperwind, the couple matched gorgeous costumes with beautiful backgrounds and brought the World Of Warcraft to life.

Photos by Sosi Studios. Costumes by EMI Cosplay & props by CSP Milton.

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Cosplayer Vegas PG passed along some awesome pics of her dressed up as Power Girl with a fellow Wonder Woman cosplayer. The pics are courtesy of Jeff Williams Photography.

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