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Hot Topic has been up to some really interesting stuff recently. They debuted their new Orphan Black clothing line last month and now they’ve designed a line inspired by Showtime’s Penny Dreadful. Didn’t see that coming, but it does make perfect sense for Hot Topic when you think about it.

If you’re a fan of the show (and you should be), you’ll be able to add a little Dreadful flair to your wardrobe. Regardless, the Victorian themes, lace, and dress designs are gorgeous all by themselves.

Head after the break to see more of the new collection.

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Considering the fact that I came up in the age of stirrup pants, I’m gonna be an old lady and shake my cane at all you kids who can wear cool leggings like these Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon leggings.

Because you have it so much better than I did. Just take my word for it.

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These unique leggings paint a gorgeous steampunk scene with shadowy castles and city scenes in subtle tones. Etsy shop Carousel Ink uses a cotton spandex blend and screen prints the artwork directly onto the leggings.

“Carousel Ink conjures up Carnival Nights, Steampunk Dreams and a Menagerie of Fantasy”

Check out some of our favorite designs after the break. 

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This cincher skirt is totally inspired by Supernatural’s handsome angel Castiel. His iconic tan jacket and blue tie are incorporated into the design and it even has wings! If this gets me any closer to actually hanging out with the Winchester boys, I’ll take two!

Etsy shop owner Corsairs Boutique has lots of nerdy cincher skirt designs but we’ve included more versions with wings and tails (like Toothless, My Little Pony, and Pikachu) after the break.

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her universe marvel

Earlier this month we teased the new line of Marvel clothing created by the two designers chosen at last year’s Her Universe fashion show at SDCC. Well, the lineup is finally available at Hot Topic! The pieces have an awesome retro flavor with plenty of styles for every fangirl.

Check out the entire line after the break.

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The Sparkliest R2-D2 Bra


Decorated and bejeweled, this R2-D2 is ready to party. Using a real under-wire bra for comfort and support, this droid accessory comes in pretty much every size.

And there tons of awesome superhero and Disney-themed unmentionables worth mentioning from the Etsy shop, like Wonder Woman, Jasmine from Aladdin and Spider-Man. Check out more sparkly designs after the break.

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Wear your love for Sailor Moon with this Sailor Moon Heart Wand top and circle skirt combo. I like the fact that this is two pieces instead of a dress because it opens up so many possibilities for other outfits and accessories.

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This shiny silver TARDIS hair clip is perfect for the stylish companion. Etsy shop owner Smitten Kitten Kendall hand makes each clip just for you and even offers free gift wrapping.

“The perfect hair piece for your Dr. Who themed wedding, party, or to make a Sunday afternoon Who marathon on your couch even more fancy!”

Check out more nerdy hair clips after the break including dragons, sea monsters, and unicorns…

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age-of-ultron-avengersWith the next Marvel’s Avengers movie around the corner, Living Dead Clothing has got you covered, literally. Their new line of super-hero inspired threads includes shirts, dresses, leggings, and more.

“The collection, officially and exclusively licenced by Marvel, boasts the world’s greatest superheroes, unbelievable artwork and incredibly eye catching and vibrant prints on new patterns. It is certain to send Avengers and all superhero fans crazy.”

The clothes are not just for squeeing fans though, as owner Wade Lange sees an opportunity to give back to the community.

“However while the brand enjoys bringing smiles to the faces of comic lovers young and old, there is more to the company than just making clothes. Living Dead Clothing intends to extend the smiles created long after the movie is over by donating 20% of all profits from the Age of Ultron collection to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.”

Check out more of the super clothing line after the break.

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Yesterday we got a first look at some fantastic new Star Wars and Marvel fashions from Her Universe, and now we have even more pieces from their Star Wars Celebration lineup.

Daily exclusives cupcakes, autograph signings, great clothes? Yep. All that and more. I already know I need the Ahsoka lives tee. I think I need the glow-in-the-dark Star Wars tee as well.

The new items aren’t available on the Her Universe website yet, but that should change during Star Wars Celebration on April 16th-19th.

See more pictures and the entire press release after the break.

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