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Teefury’s mission to take over the world continues. Now they’ve added leggings and your closet may never be the same.

The first two designs are Doctor Who and Star Wars-themed and they’d both make a great addition to your wardrobe. Head after the break to get a closer look.

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Yes glow-in-the-dark Hydra yoga pants exist. Needless to say, S.H.I.E.L.D. members aren’t safe anywhere.

Can you guess what’s on the back of the pants? Find out after the break…

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You probably had no idea Pokemon could be so sexy and classy, right? I’m about to blow your mind with this super cute pin-up style Pikachu dress from Etsy shop owner KooKeeBoutique. She totally nails this character re-imagined as a retro cocktail dress making Pikachu’s rosy cheeks into sleek hip frames and his ears into straps. The yellow and red fitted frock is meant to hug the hourglass curves, but each dress is made to your own measurements.

These sexy pin-up dresses come in a ton of nerdy flavors including Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Check out more examples after the break.

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This beautiful space-themed clothing line features real images from space. There are hoodies, scarves, tights, and a range of swimsuits so you can look spacey on the beach this summer. I know, winter is here, but it has to go away eventually.

Each item is digitally printed with materials that are sourced locally by the Brooklyn based duo that are Shadowplaynyc. They design each piece very carefully so that almost every bit of fabric is used and nothing goes to waste—making them an Earth-friendly label that will help you get lost in space.

See more great space clothing after the break.

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Everybody has their favorite cheesy nerdy “love quote,” and this dress is practically covered with all the best ones. The Geek Love A-Line Dress features a print design of heart candies, and each one features a fun nerdy quote like “As you wish…” and “I know.”

Check out a close-up of the heart design after the break…

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Harley Quinn is the ultimate crazy and sexy villain, and this hot little number would totally have been in her closet. From the product description:

“This knee-length number has four diamonds on both the left and right chest and a removable black belt, ripe for all your “I have a black belt” jokes. The mallet you have to provide yourself.”

Your puddin’ couldn’t possibly resist.

Product Page ($49.99)


Meet your new fairy godmother, Allen Gale. Inspired by his grandmother who was a professional seamstress for over 60 years, Allen became passionate about theater and costume design. Although mostly self taught, he earned his degree in Costume Design and Construction to make his passion and unbelievable talent a career.

His Etsy shop currently has magnificent costumes made with high quality fabric that look like they just came off the set of a live action Disney princess movie. The detailing is incredible and Allen models almost all of them himself! Actually, he makes princess Aurora, Belle, and Ariel look stunning. I’m absolutely in love with all his dresses and he completely captures the character at heart.

Take a look at his fantastic work after the break.

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Etsy shop owner PresStartNrdEmporium has made this super cozy Pokemon Snorlax dress with monster paw pockets. Monster. Paw. Pockets!

This is the first design for her Pokemon line and it can be worn as a costume or a regular afternoon hang out dress. Did I mention it has pockets? Really this would be my weekend go-to dress forever.

“It is made with stretchy material and has elastic along the top. It also ties in the back so it can fit different sizes.”

Find out how to catch your own after the jump.

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accurate snow white

If you liked our earlier post that featured artwork of historically accurate Disney Princesses, you’re going to love this new Buzzfeed video that brings those Princesses to life.

The video features several of your favorite princesses and some interesting facts that explains why each one is dressed in her period garb.

Amusingly, there’s a debate going on in the YouTube comments about whether Aurora is English or French, but I can understand if you want to avoid the comments section.

Head after the break to watch the video.

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If you’ve ever let your child dress themselves, you’ll know that kids aren’t really prone to choosing their clothes with “matching” in mind. However, the results can be fun and creative.

Summer Bellessa thought it would be interesting to let her 3-year-old son Rockwell pick out her outfits for a week, explaining that, “It was therapeutic for both of us to change roles, if even in this small way. He enjoyed having his opinions heard…”

I have to say, I like what he came up with –– mismatches and all.

Head after the break to take a look at some more outfits.

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