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Some ladies love Star Wars, some are die hard gamers and some of us fall into both categories, which makes these two pairs of leggings even more of a temptation.

If you’d like to pick these leggings up (or any of their other awesome designs), TeeFury is also having a 20% off sale for Memorial Day. Just enter coupon code “teefury20″ at checkout, to receive 20% off your order.

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This adorable pinup dress is full of pizzazz and just perfect for sassy math/science geeks.

“Featuring and all-over print of equations to strike fear into the hearts of middle schoolers, this cotton dress offers a cute white collar, white trim, and pockets big enough for small calculator (not that you’d need one, right?!?). Finished off with a back zip and intelligent design from top to bottom”

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league of legends leggings

League Of Legends leggings. How that for a mouthful? I dare you to say it five times, fast.

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Even Sailor Scouts need to relax every now and then, and these Sailor Moon-inspired pajamas look so very cozy. Super Groupies got the inspiration for these pajamas from Usagi Tsukino’s school uniform.

The pajama dress sports a detachable Juban Junior High ribbon, full length zipper, and is made from fluffy polyester which is easy to machine wash. It’s adorable, cozy, and available for pre-order for 9,800-yen (US$82).

Check out more pics and the super cute matching Sailor socks, all after the break.

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AT-ATs should always be considered high fashion, and these super cute dresses from Utinni Bikini are perfect for Star Wars fangirls this summer.

Plus, there’s a ton of colorful patterns and styles to choose from (Rebel designs are also available).

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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Teefury’s new leggings line, and now there are two more pairs that are both geeky and fashionable. Maybe adorable Pokemon “In The Tall Grass” for the day and Harry Potter spells for the night?

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tribal pixie

This sexy hooded top is perfect for the summer. The fantastic pixie hood cascades down to meet a glitter knit section that gives the entire top that extra stand-out sparkle. Etsy shop owner Luna Design hand makes each top from super soft jersey knit so it’s durable and breathes easy.

The pixie top comes in ton of great colors too. Check out another pic of this must have summer-festival top after the break.

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You know I’m a sucker for dresses with a hood and/or pockets, and this elvish-style dress from tatoke hits me right in my weak spot…my wallet. I love everything about it! The hood is the perfect size, the inkle trim finishes the edges just right, and there’s a rainbow of color availability.

This dress would be adorable paired with leggings and boots. There’s even a matching Nordic viking brooch.

Check out the brilliant colors options and matching brooch after the break.

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star wars leggings

In honor of May the 4th, here’s a selection of fantastic new Star Wars leggings from Redbubble. Sure, you can’t wear them today, but you can pick up a pair and be ready for next year. Plus, any day is Star Wars day if you want it to be.

Is it December 18th yet?

Head after the break to see more Star Wars designs from the collection.

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grrm clothes

Yesterday we brought you these Stormtrooper-style leggings and crop tops from Poprageous but we also noticed something new to their shop that George R.R. Martin would probably be thrilled about.

So, so thrilled I’m sure.

Product Page ($45-$80)