Lego watches for kids have been around for awhile, but this November there will finally be a line designed for adults. The Lego Watch System will feature brightly colored plastics and, just like the kid’s versions, will have links that can be taken apart and put back together however you choose. They’ll be available in both digital and analog versions and range from $85 to $185.

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atomic wristwatch

Do you need to feel confident that you have the precise time? Then you need an atomic clock wristwatch. Besides being the first of its kind, the Cesium 133 from Bathys Hawaii may be the nerdiest watch ever. It has its own self-contained cesium atomic oscillator which means it is insanely accurate. You’ll only lose a single second every 1,000 years.

It may look incredibly clunky, but the Cesium 133 still has more time in development. According to A Blog to Watch, Bathy’s is working on the following:

The final version of the Cesium 133 watch will have some LED status lights and a more attractive case. The prototype is 60mm wide by 50mm tall, and 23mm thick. The final version will have a light-weight carbon fiber case, be smaller, and retain the classic Bathys moon phase dial.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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The Click Button watch is the must-have watch for gamers. Instead of just displaying the time like usual, you have to press the little arcade-style button that is the face of the watch to get the LED display to light up. It comes in a rainbow of colors, just like the lights that used to flash all around you in the local arcade.

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Hyetis Crossbow

Aspiring spies looking to ramp up their game will love the Hyetis Crossbow: It’s a brand new smartwatch, which features a 41-megapixel camera and connectivity to Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices. Incoming messages, emails and weather updates will appear on a display on the watch’s face.

Unfortunately, spies on a tight budget won’t be able to afford this one: the price is currently set at $1,200. So if you don’t know a real life Q or you aren’t keen on robbing a bank, best stick with your cellphone–it does all the same stuff and can fit in your pocket. How sneaky!

Product Page (via Dvice)

kisai keisan contest

We have one final Tokyoflash watch to give away to a lucky reader and this time it’s a silver Kisai Keisan!

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The latest offering from Tokyoflash is the Neutron LED watch with a built in motion sensor. It’s available in either black, gunmetal or gold with red, white or blue lights that display the time. You can have the time displayed in lights that either wave up and down or pulse in and out and you don’t even need to touch the watch to turn it on. Just flick your wrist and the display will light up. It’s also USB rechargeable with one 3.5 hour charge lasting for about a month. This is a limited edition watch, so get yours before they’re gone!

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We’re giving away our second Tokyoflash watch of the month, and this time it’s the ultra unique Kisai Tenmetsu!

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kisai optical illusion

July is Tokyoflash month here at FashionablyGeek! Over the next few weeks we are going to be giving away three unique watches to lucky readers—the first being the Kisai Optical Illusion.

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Romain Jerome has a history of creating watches that incorporate interesting materials like The Statue of Liberty, but this watch manages to use two exotic elements. The Moon Orbiter has both moon dust and bits of metal from the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this $115,000 25-piece limited edition watch is the unique tourbillon that looks suspended in the air on the left side of the watch. The entire back of the watch is also exposed so you can see the complex inner workings of this fascinating design.

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Designed to mimic the space station in Deep Space Nine, this watch by Vianney Halter is a work of art visually and mechanically. Beneath its retro sci-fi dome, it features a spinning triple axis tourbillon that looks like it’s floating in the air. This is the kind of high-end watch design that watch enthusiasts drool over and now Trekkies will be coveting it, too.

The spinning tourbillon in the center is the first axis point. Next, the entire tourbillon shaft spins around on its axis, providing the second axis. This spins once each six minutes. Last, the entire mechanism spins horizontally in the middle of the case each 30 minutes offering the third axis point. While only the initial tourbillon cage spins with appreciable speed, the entire movement is technically a triple axis tourbillon. A black movement plate behind the tourbillon offers the illusion of emptiness behind the mechanism, but offers space for the rest of the movement where elements like the mainspring barrel are located (55 hours of power reserve).

It looks incredible, but don’t expect to get your wrist on one any time soon. For one thing, it costs $192,000. Second, it appears to have already sold to a collector in China.

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