The latest offering from Tokyoflash is the Neutron LED watch with a built in motion sensor. It’s available in either black, gunmetal or gold with red, white or blue lights that display the time. You can have the time displayed in lights that either wave up and down or pulse in and out and you don’t even need to touch the watch to turn it on. Just flick your wrist and the display will light up. It’s also USB rechargeable with one 3.5 hour charge lasting for about a month. This is a limited edition watch, so get yours before they’re gone!

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We’re giving away our second Tokyoflash watch of the month, and this time it’s the ultra unique Kisai Tenmetsu!

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kisai optical illusion

July is Tokyoflash month here at FashionablyGeek! Over the next few weeks we are going to be giving away three unique watches to lucky readers—the first being the Kisai Optical Illusion.

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Romain Jerome has a history of creating watches that incorporate interesting materials like The Statue of Liberty, but this watch manages to use two exotic elements. The Moon Orbiter has both moon dust and bits of metal from the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this $115,000 25-piece limited edition watch is the unique tourbillon that looks suspended in the air on the left side of the watch. The entire back of the watch is also exposed so you can see the complex inner workings of this fascinating design.

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Designed to mimic the space station in Deep Space Nine, this watch by Vianney Halter is a work of art visually and mechanically. Beneath its retro sci-fi dome, it features a spinning triple axis tourbillon that looks like it’s floating in the air. This is the kind of high-end watch design that watch enthusiasts drool over and now Trekkies will be coveting it, too.

The spinning tourbillon in the center is the first axis point. Next, the entire tourbillon shaft spins around on its axis, providing the second axis. This spins once each six minutes. Last, the entire mechanism spins horizontally in the middle of the case each 30 minutes offering the third axis point. While only the initial tourbillon cage spins with appreciable speed, the entire movement is technically a triple axis tourbillon. A black movement plate behind the tourbillon offers the illusion of emptiness behind the mechanism, but offers space for the rest of the movement where elements like the mainspring barrel are located (55 hours of power reserve).

It looks incredible, but don’t expect to get your wrist on one any time soon. For one thing, it costs $192,000. Second, it appears to have already sold to a collector in China.

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star trek command watch top

Like your Trek old school? This retro analogue Star Trek watch features a silicone strap and yellow coloring to match the command division emblem of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Clearly it’s time keeping of the future kind. ;-)

Product Page ($18)


Tokyoflash has just released two new watches that, for the first time ever, feature wood rather than metal. The Kisai Rogue has an always on LED face with the minutes and hours indicated by the empty spaces in the watch’s circular design pattern. It’s also got a wooden case and strap made from maple and sandal wood to look like a traditional metal strap.

The Kisa Stencil also has the unigue face design that is the hallmark of Tokyoflash with the time displayed in the negative space of the numbers on the LED readout. The case of this one is also made of maple and sandle wood, but the strap here is genuine leather.

Both are available in limited editions with a special introductory price of $99 that’s only good through May 3rd at 16:00 Japan time so order yours now!

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This watch designed by Peter Fletcher is currently just a prototype, but with any luck we’ll actually be able to buy it someday soon. He created the watch to resemble the saucer section of a Federation starship with two rotating dials that display the hour and minutes through a little window. The saucer itself is LED illuminated to make it look even more sci-fi. Fletcher has submitted his design to Tokyoflash for possible production so fingers crossed that you’ll be able to buy it soon. We’re not holding our breath though—Tokyoflash pretty much makes the same watch over and over again.

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Each of these Adventure Time watches features a different character with a design that covers the face and extends right onto the watchband. You can choose from Finn, Jake, Finn and Jake, or The Land of Ooo. Now when someone asks the time, you can just hold up your wrist and say “Adventure Time!” and happily skip away.

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If you’re in the market for a timepiece that can withstand almost anything, you can stop your search. Watchmaker Michael Barahon Fernandez has tested his latest design to the limit. The Kaventsmann Triggerfish Bronze A2 has been pressure tested for 3,000 meters and it’s been blown up with 10 pounds of C4. Like you do.

The only effect the explosion had was to crack the crystal. It just kept ticking. Wow. It’s not surprising though considering the time and care Fernandez puts into machining the parts one at a time. He only plans to make 30 of this particular model and if you need it, get on the waiting list now.

The first five units will ship this month at around $2000 each.

(Gear Patrol via Gizmodo)