More panties. I’m all about the panties. Except, I’m going to admit that I have a teeny bit of confusion with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panties set.

It’s a 5 pack of panties, but they only show 4 styles. Is the fifth one Shredder? April O’Neil? Did one of the Turtles get two pairs? No idea. But they’re cute, so here ya go.

You can also get TMNT boxers. They’re sold separately, so you can decide if you want one turtle or all four.

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More underwear! See? I am the underwear maven.

This time, it’s Morphin’ time. Well, the underwear doesn’t morph, but this Power Rangers Panty 6-Pack let’s you wear a ranger every day of the week, unless you fail to do laundry or like to go commando on Sundays.

Product Page ($29.99)

dc villains underwear pack

We’ve already seen a Harley Quinn 3-pack of panties this month, and now you can add The Riddler, The Joker, and Poison Ivy to your collection. Although, I don’t know if I want anything that looks like poison ivy that close to me, but you may feel differently.

It’s fun, flirty and in character and they come in sizes small – 2X.

Product Page ($24.99)


Just because the world doesn’t get to see you in your underwear doesn’t mean you can’t rock some awesome geeky boxers like these Doctor Who versions.

This is especially true in the case of the Matt Smith Doctor version. It’s cosplay below the belt!

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frozen bras

Frozen fever is unavoidable. Merchandise inspired by Disney’s animated film seems to be everywhere, and it’s even reached into the world of underwear. Though Triumph and Fashion Entertainment don’t specifically mention Frozen in the product description, their new blue bras feature a snowflake design and are called “Close Sister Bras”.

The hook? The electronic paper in the bra changes from white to black when triggered by contact with another wearer. That may seem odd, but as RocketNews points out:

Triumph points to the futago kode trend in Japanese fashion, in which women wear matching outfits to recognize and reinforce their friendship.

Unfortunately, you and your BFF (or sister) won’t be wearing one of these anytime soon as the product isn’t intended for sale.

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underoos top

Underoos. You know them, you love them and now adults can get in on the fun. The newest styles are men’s Underoos and you can choose Captain America, He-Man, Superman or Skeletor.

I also found a few for the ladies if you’re in the mood to be Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, or Batgirl.

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stormtrooper undies

We’ve heard many different recruitment calls to join the Galactic Empire over the years, but these panties might be among the most effective.

These hipster style custom made undies are only available in Stormtrooper and Vader styles, but you may be able to ask Etsy shop Licorice and Cream if they can make you a Rebel Alliance version. Considering the various other geek styles in her store, I’m thinking you’ll find something fun to fulfill your lingerie needs.

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harley quinn panties

Now you can dress as Harley Quinn right down to your underwear with this 3-pack of DC Heroes Harley Quinn panties. It’s also a fun way to wear a little Harley on the sly.

I’m sure there are all sorts of innuendos I could make here, but I’m going to avoid that and make sure this panty post is tasteful.

Product Page ($21.99)


Trekkies looking to go for the whole head-to-toe Starfleet experience will love these Star Trek Panties. They come in Command Gold, Operations Red and Science Blue. They also feature the iconic Starfleet insignia on the left too. Oh, quick word of warning: If you decide to wear the Operations Red underwear the probability of you being crushed by a giant lizard man in a loincloth goes up by about 100 percent. Just saying.

Product Page ($29.99)


This set of officially licensed My Little Pony panties features three of the most popular ponies in Equestria. There’s Fluttershy, Derpy and Rainbow Dash each on a 95% cotton/5% polyester panty. Available in a range of sizes to fit every MLP fan.

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