moon landing tattoo

Conspiracy theorists might say it was drawn on.

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god of war tattoo fail

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boba fett tattoo

Ink by Gonzalo Chavez at Pino Bros Ink.

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bastion tattoo 1

Redditor Blackspearr has some fabulous new ink for 2015: a half sleeve inspired by the video game Bastion. The art replicates the game’s cover, and the tattoo artist did quite an impressive job with all the colors and shading. It looks so textured! When Blackspearr shared it, a Redditor who worked on the game commented. From SG_Greg:

I worked on the game that inspired this tattoo, so if you’re wondering what it’s like to see this from the perspective of someone like me… it’s pretty wild. The gentleman who got it done sent a nice note to us earlier in the day but I felt like I ought to post something here too.

Bastion was our first game, made by seven people based in a living room (we’re now like 10 people and moved out of the house). I grew up playing games that burned themselves into my brain in the best possible way, so as a game developer I and all of us wanted to make something that had a chance of leaving a lasting positive impression on people. It was wishful thinking during development, but to see something like this years after the game came out…? Whew. I just hope I’ve got it in me (and will continue to be lucky enough) to keep working on stuff that can make people feel this strongly.


The tattoo was inked by Maciej “Enzo” Sowa at Ink-Ognito in Rybnik.

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metallic temp tattoos 2

There’s a new way to dress up your skin without adding permanent ink: metallic temporary tattoos. I had no idea these were a thing, and I’m such a fan. The tattoos work like paper ones: you cut them out of a sheet, apply upside down to your skin, and apply water to the paper backing with a sponge. The tattoos are available in silver, gold, bronze, and black metallic colors in all sorts of styles. You can get arm bands, symbols, or necklaces. I think the arm bands would pair nicely with a sleeveless dress, and hey, these could come in handy for cosplay.

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black widow tattoo

Original artwork by @elsasketch and tattoo/smoke addition by @emsloman.

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davy jones sleeve

Click on the image above to see all the details put there by Daniel Brockett at Rebel Muse in Lewisville, TX.

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sharks for arms

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Brion B. has been working on getting some Marvel tattoos over the last few years and he has quite a lot of awesome ink to show for it.

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