This fantastic full-back Legend of Zelda tattoo seems like it includes every detail from the game in one stunning image. It was drawn by Krystian Marciniak with the tattoo itself being done by Anson Eastin at Forever Tattoo Parlour in Cape Coral, FL.

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bag end tattoo

Love the Shire and always want to keep a piece of it with you? Do what this fan did and get a giant tattoo of Bag End’s door on your ribcage. The gorgeous design was done by Angel at ChiTown in Chicago, and I love the shading and the addition of the flowers. It makes me feel like curling up by the fire with The Hobbit. Given that it’s so iconic, I’m surprised there’s not a yellow knob on the door, but the awesomeness of the tattoo overrules that tiny detail.

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You might see folks with tattoos and denim vests covered in buttons and pins and patches wandering around Disneyland and think they’re in a gang. The reality is that Neverlanders SC is actually a social club of hardcore Disney fans who have regularly scheduled gatherings at the park. They have an active community of 60 members that even includes kids.

Check out more on Vice who spent one afternoon with the group and shares their wonderful story.

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serenity tattoo

Inked by Taylor “Moses” Heald in Buffalo, NY.

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bad wolf tattoo

“Bad Wolf” brush-style by Ana Valdivia in Barcelona, Spain.

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darth maul baby jesus tattoo

Darth Maul as Baby Jesus by Matt O’Baugh at Black Cobra in Sherwood, Ar.

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got tattoo 1

HBO did a fine job interpreting the house sigils from A Song of Ice and Fire for the Game of Thrones television series. In fact, they did such a great job that it’s hard to see the sigils any other way. But, just imagine what the images and words would look like if they were tattoo designs. Artist Sara McSorley took the familiar sigils and transformed them into wild and beautiful tattoos, and I sincerely hope someone ends up with them on their skin. The House Stark one featured above is my favorite, but the entire series is fantastic.

More of the artful tattoo designs after the break.

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These D20 tattoos belong to belong to Shannon and her husband. Her tattoo sports a D20 with flowers while his has the sword from Zelda. Looks like Cupid rolled a natural 20 when he shot this pair.

Inked by Nick Quinn at Black Eagle Tattoo in Charleston, WV.

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Eric Rico Ortiz isn’t a big fan of spiders. The 24-year-old Florida resident was looking to overcome his arachnophobia, and he decided that tattooing a sizable black widow on his face was the best way to do that.

He posted the picture above on his Facebook account, and the comments run the gamut as you might expect. Here’s what he had to say when he was asked by the Daytona Beach News-Journal to explain his tattoo:

That’s why I got it. Just to, like, make me know, that that’s what I fear, but not to fear it. You know what I’m saying? Everybody looks at it like damn Spider, cause if you’re going around your house you know what I’m saying, you see those spiders, you’re going to jump, you’re going to jump, so putting one on my face, I say you know what, I’m going to see what people think.

Apparently, one of those people was his girlfriend. “She was mad at me,” he said.

As Gawker points out, his relationship status is listed as “single”. Ladies? Here’s your chance.

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warhammer 40k tattoo

By Sergey Mikhaylov from Lion Tattoo studio, Moscow.

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