Comic Sans, all caps, line breaks, weird kerning, hideous color combinations—this shirt is guaranteed to make just about any graphic designer go into full meltdown mode.

The Best Graphic Designer Shirt ($21)

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book shirts

A company called Litographs (which started out on Kickstarter several years ago) has created a bunch of lovely t-shirts and totes using the text of classic books/films. That’s right—the design is made entirely from text that can be read when viewed up close.

Plus, they partner with the International Book Bank and send a book to a community in need for every order placed.

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harley quinn gear

Gear up for Suicide Squad with a variety of Harley Quinn-themed tees, bags, wallets, backpacks, and more from Bioworld.

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I don’t know about you, but yearbook and school picture days were the worst for me. No matter how hard you tried to look good and smile, something would be off—your hair, your mouth, some weird thing your eyes did when you looked at the camera, etc.

Reddit user davidhusslebee and four of his friends decided to turn the odds in their favor by wearing one of the most offensive yellow shirts they could find.

Instead of just being a one and done, more students figured out what Dave and his friend were up to and, next thing you know, more kids are taking pictures in this same yellow shirt.

It’s like an ugly yellow shirt virus that just kept going.

In the end, 50 students and even some teachers got in one the action. It may have started as a prank, but it turned into some of the coolest yearbook photos I’ve ever seen.

Hats (or shirts) off to you, Dave. Well played. Check out more pics after the break…


Merchoid has launched their official Suicide Squad clothing collection and it includes all of the awesome shirts pictured here plus a film replica Harley Quinn jacket for only $60.

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In Japan, the current trend is to put a modern spin on traditional garments—and these Star Wars hanten jackets and juban undershirts might be the best thing to come out of that trend so far.

The hanten come in three different colors and with two different patterns on the inside while the juban features and all-over Millennium Falcon/X-Wing print. All items are officially licensed.

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reading rambo

With all of the amazing things happening in the universe, it still had time to align the stars so LeVar Burton would run into this guy on the day he wore his Reading Rambo shirt.

Reading Rambo Shirt ($15)

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Her Universe was all over Star Wars Day yesterday with fun new tees. Lots of girl power here in both regular and plus sizes.

You can also get a May the 4th be with you patch with any purchase of $25 or more (while supplies last) through 5/8.

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Bucket Tees has a great idea and perfect name because they make t-shirts with one huge pocket on the front that you can use as, well, a bucket. Dogs, beer, groceries – if it fits, it sits.

And while the FAQ’s state that these shirts aren’t waterproof, I’m thinking an enterprising person could make an insert so you can carry your iced beer anywhere.

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We teased the the Hot Topic Powerpuff Girls collection last month, but today is the day that you can finally score the dresses, tops, skirts and tees!

Take a closer look at the collection below.

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