grammar police shirt

Now all you need is a badge. I mean, who needs friends? They’re breaking the law dammit.

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If you count yourself among the loyal legion of “Cumberb*tches” we have an outfit for you. It’s so intense, that if you were fortunate enough to actually meet Benedict Cumberbatch while wearing it, he would be justified in calling the police while sprinting away from you.

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The line from Poprageous includes a pair of leggings and a top—so you’ll be literally covered in Cumberbatch. Just like you’ve always dreamed.

Product Pages: Leggings ($80) Shirt ($45 via PopSugar)


This cross-stitch t-shirt features an awesome pixellated image of Samus Aran from Metroid. It was made by Amythelamey and took about two hours a day over the course of four weeks to finish. She made a computer-generated image for the canvas and then sewed it right onto the shirt. The last step is trimming all the leftover canvas to leave just the image.

See more pictures including a Sonic the Hedgehog version after the break…

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Oliver Queen is all about archery, kicking butt and saving the day. But Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver on Arrow, is all about being positive and helping out those in need. He recently launched a charity campaign called “Sinceriously,” which focuses on spreading positive thoughts and deeds with total honesty.

You can support the campaign by buying one the shirts pictured above, which defines the word Amell coined. The campaign will benefit two charities: Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying advocacy group, and Paws & Stripes, a non-profit that partners military veterans with service dogs.

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If you’d like to watch Amell’s Facebook announcement about this campaign, you can check out the video after the break…

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Captain Picard is known for the facepalm, but did you know about the “maneuver”?

It wasn’t some nervous tic on the part of Patrick Stewart but the result of a wardrobe change in season three that got rid of the spandex jumpsuits in favor of two-piece outfits. Apparently, that jacket just wouldn’t stay in place.

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shirt sale

The entire collection of shirts in our Fashionably Geek / Nerd Approved Merch store (and TeePublic in general) are on sale for just $14 through the rest of the week. This includes hundreds of nerdy shirts from the best independent designers. The full breakdown looks like this:

  • Shirts: $14
  • Tanks: $18
  • Kids Tees: $14
  • Hoodies: $35

So head on over to the store and get your favorite designs while you can!

tesla god of thunder

If Thor challenged Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison to pick up Mjölnir (as he does with the Avengers in Age Of Ultron) we’re convinced that Tesla would be worthy. Perhaps then he would get the respect that he deserves.

Product Page: ($22)

grandma dinosaurs

Something tells me Daniella Dix has grandmothers who like to knit, because she has this Grandma sweater style down perfectly.

The addition of dinosaurs and the fact that it’s a t-shirt so you don’t have to be hot and itchy when you wear it just make it so perfect.

You can get this as a tee, iPhone case, or a print. Take a closer look at the design after the break…

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new shirts 2

We’ve added a whole mess of new nerdy shirts to our merch store, and their awesomeness knows no bounds. Especially the “Say Listen Again” shirt—that one always makes me laugh. Plus, that Serenity shirt has actually been to space.

Head on over to the store to see the entire collection.

ABC4 copy

If you’re teaching your little ones their ABCs, you might as well throw in a little nerdy pop culture while you’re at it. Case in point: This “How I Nerd My ABCs” shirt  highlights the entire alphabet, but it illustrates each letter with a corresponding nerdy pop culture icon. For instance, “A” is for Ash, the man with the boomstick, and “B” is for Buffy, the teenage vampire slayer. Honestly, why don’t they use the nerdy ABCs in school?

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