Well, it’s not really “ugly”.  Actually, it looks like something Ma Cobb would knit just for you. Yeah, just keep telling yourself it’s a gift from Ma Cobb and not a design printed on a t-shirt. Then again, it is a limited edition, so not every Browncoat on the block will wear one this holiday.

Product Page ($14.95)

grootmas tree

If you don’t feel like making a Groot Christmas tree topper, you can still get in the holiday spirit with the mostly quiet member of the Guardians of the Galaxy by wearing this adorable t-shirt. Designed by fishbiscuit6, the festive design features baby Groot decorated like a Christmas tree. Maybe Marvel will turn that into an actual product for Christmas 2015.

Product Page ($15 via Shirtoid)


One of the things that makes Guardians Of The Galaxy such a great movie, in my opinion, is just how visual it is. Even if you put aside the characters, action, music, and story, it would still be an amazing movie to just…look at.

Maybe that’s why this new Guardians collection from Living Dead is so eyecatching. They’ve taken iconic imagery and turned it into fashion that’s sleek and sexy. From the Star-Lord leggings, to the Groot skater dress, there’s a little something here for everyone to enjoy.

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sherlock batman smack

While it’s usually Batman doing the smacking, Sherlock Holmes gets the upper hand this time. He has been around longer, after all.

This meme-tastic tee comes in both men and women’s sizes and is in stock now.

Product Page (Regular price $25. On sale for $12 though 12/2.)

Nerd Approved TeePublic Store

UPDATED: The sale has been extended through December 2nd.

Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale comes to and end tonight, but there is still time to grab tons of nerdy shirt designs for just $14. Hoodies are also on sale for $35.

We’ve added some new shirts to the store as well, so head on over to the store and grab your favorites while you still can!

millenium falconry

A long time ago, in a world…I’m mixing my movie trailer catch phrases, but this Millennium Falconry tee is a fun play on words and a great design. I wonder how fast these birds can do the Kessel Run.

My Olde English is rusty, but it needs a motto like “She may not looketh like much, but she hath it where it doth matter.

Keep in mind that this shirt is 40% off through Saturday, November 29th. It will be 30% off on Sunday. Just use the code “BF2014″ at checkout. When the Black Friday sales are over, it will be back up to $20.

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Black Friday is in full swing in our Fashionably Geek / Nerd Approved merch store! We have tons of nerdy shirts on sale for a limited time.

Right now you can score every shirt in the store for just $14. Hoodie prices are also being slashed to $35.

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As a geek, I have a love of books, puns, nerdy shirts, and lists. This collection of literary nerd tees covers all of those for me.

Buzzfeed curated the list but I have selected some of my favorites. My ultimate fave has to be the Atticus Finch one, because it looks so perfectly normal and will make people smile if they get it. You get get that shirt here.

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Here’s the perfect shirt to get those French taunters to ease up a little with the insults. It’s got their signature helmet and crossed halberds designed to look like the official team logo for, um, a team of wicked taunters. Yes, that’s it. Root for Team Taunters or risk their farts wafting in your general direction.

(Product Page ($19.95)


Star Trek’s Christopher Pike didn’t have an easy time. He was severely injured by radiation and left paralyzed. He was confined to a wheelchair and could only communicate through a light built into the device. This sublimated t-shirt from ThinkGeek captures the front of Pike’s black wheelchair. It’s an obscure reference and a little sad.

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