Hot Topic continues to impress me as they expand their geek friendly clothing lines. It’s nice to see Spider Gwen joining the ranks of their Marvel super hero merch. I hope we see more.

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firefly shirts

If Firefly and its fans represent anything, it’s undying love. Love is what keeps Serenity flying. It’s what brought Firefly back to the big screen after a cancellation. It’s what keeps Browncoats believing, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Wash does, indeed, live.

It’s also what keeps merchandise flowing for a series that had a one season run over a decade ago.

Take a closer look at these awesome new Firefly shirts from QMx after the break.

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wonder woman reveal shirt

Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Wonder Woman spin to transform? This shirt makes me think more of Superman, but it’s probably more about showing the real hero under the disguise.

Just promise to spin once if you get it.

Product Page ($29.99)


Everyone wants more Widow, and Funko’s delivering with this adorable Pop-themed shirt.

In fact, it’s part of a first wave of new Pop tees that you can check out after the break…

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princess workers top

Ariel is like…waaaaay out of her element this time around.

Check out a close-up of the shirt design after the break…

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Well screw you guys! I’m going to start my own club! Gonna be like two movies max before we dive right in! We’ll catch up quick—you’ll see!

“Super Exclusive Club” is new in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store! Check out a close up of the design after the break…

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This Borderlands cyborg Claptrap cosplay is the work of Ricochet Cosplay and photographer Tony Julius with costume design by NoFlutter. Makeup was done by Courtney Leigh Creations.

Soooo cute.

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Planning on visiting the Iron Islands? Or maybe you’re thinking of spending the summer in King’s Landing? Well, before you set off, you’re going to need a good map. How about one that’s wearable?

This Game of Thrones Map Print Ladies’ Tank Top is features an accurate map of Westeros on the front and back. Now where’s the nearest “Hodor Burger”?

Product Page: ($24.99)


Black Milk has launched a line of football-style jerseys inspired by Harry Potter, Batman, Harley Quinn, The Killing Joke and more. The Touchdown jerseys are made polyester, and they’re unisex.

Wow, I’d love to see Hogwarts take on Gotham in some sort of football/Quidditch mashup game.

Check out some more jerseys after the break…

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jurassic cuccos

Only Link can tame a wild herd of cuccos.

This shirt is new in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store and can be had for only $14 for a limited time!

Product Page ($20 $14)