Man, ThinkGeek is really into the nerdy Hawaiian shirt look for summer. Though, a black shirt covered in Star Destroyers and Imperial crests doesn’t scream “fun” to me. Then again, this is the Empire we’re talking about. I’m guessing a Hawaiian shirt with a repeating pattern of Alderaan exploding would be hot seller.

Empire’s Reign Hawaiian Shirt ($49.99)

harley shirt

Your Harley Quinn Suicide Squad cosplay just got easier.

We’ve seen countless reproductions, but the first official Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Lil Monster” raglan is available in XS to 3X sizes while supplies last (which I suspect won’t be long).

Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Lil Monster” Shirt ($26.50-$30.50)


Boba Fett knows a thing or two about sun and sand. Basically, he’s the Jimmy Buffet of bounty hunters, so it’s not surprising that he has his own Hawaiian shirt. When it’s time to put down the blaster and pick up a margarita, this is the shirt to wear.

Product Page ($49.99)


Star Trek: THS would be a very different show. Mostly, it would be about hopping from planet to planet looking for beaches and exotic alien cocktails. The rest of the time the crew would be asleep in a hammock drifting aimlessly through space.

Star Trek Hawaiian Shirt ($49.99)


Here at FG, we love a good Hellgirl cosplay, so it stands to reason we’d be fans of this Hellgirl t-shirt by artist Kitty Lappin. Uh, it’s got attitude.

The t-shirt comes in small, medium, and large and worldwide shipping is free for a limited time.

Hellgirl T-Shirt: £20.00 (approx $28 USD)


Uniqlo is an awesome brand that mixes engineering and fashion in beautiful ways — and while most of their lines focus on fresh seasonal basics, the collaborations that have come out of the brand have delighted fandoms across the board. From One Piece to Star Wars, Uniqlo has delivered awesome lines for years, and seeks to continue that with their all-new LEGO collection rolling out just in time for Spring.

Initially launching as a line for kids, Uniqlo’s collaboration with LEGO now includes a wonderful range of choices for adults (in men’s sizes only, sadly) to help the grown-up LEGO fan show off their fandom in loud or subtle ways.

Take a closer look at some of our favorites below.

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salior moon top 2

When you have to fight evil by moonlight, and then win love by daylight (right after!) one way to get through your struggles is to feel good by suiting up in your favorite outfit. Thanks to Japanese department store Isetan and some of the world’s most famous designers, Sailor Moon fans can fill their closets with even more pieces inspired by the legendary anime itself.

See Also: High-Fashion Sailor Moon Handbags, Activate!

The collaboration reaches far and wide into the world of fashion to offer an array of choices in jewelry, sleepwear, and everyday clothing for the modern-day magical girl on the go. The line is now expanding to three locations in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, and now Nagoya.

The collection’s release features some incredible daily outfit ideas featuring the various products available from the line:

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star wars shirts top

It’s pretty easy to see why we love these Star Wars-themed designs from darthfar.


Plus, they’re available in both t-shirt and hoodie styles.

Product Page ($14-$45)


Educational…but also kinda gross.

Introducing Virtuali-Tee—a new Kickstarter project that aims to get kids excited about learning anatomy through a unique interactive experience. Go on an adventure through the internal organs of your friends!

View it through our app (IOS, Android, Mobile, Tablets, Mobile VR) to unlock a portal into the body and transform the tee into an awesome learning experience. Explore the anatomy in fully animated 3D that lets you move in and look around the body.

Check out the project video below for more info.

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her universe deadpool

How adorable is this Deadpool shirt from Her Universe?! Apparently it was bundled in February’s Loot Crate Level Up Wearables box for ladies. It was an exclusive, so we may never see it for sale. Hopefully that won’t be the case.

That having been said, Loot Crate’s Level Up subscription is pretty awesome and they’ve been cranking out some fantastic wearables and accessories since the option was added to their lineup. If you want to check it out, you can get 10% off your subscription using the code “FASHIONABLYGEEK” at checkout.

The theme for March is “VERSUS” and the description reads:

Be prepared to level up your style with our Marvel and Super Mario Bros socks, Battleship T-shirt, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DC accessories AND Captain America: Civil War wearable!

Subscriptions are available in bundle, t-shirt, socks, accessories and wearable varieties.

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