the force side

Here’s a fun blast from the past. What do you get when you mash up The Far Side and Star Wars? A perfect blaster for Han Solo and Leia with real cinnamon bun hair. Also, my new favorite version of Darth Vader ever.

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pocket baymax

I so want a baby Baymax now.

Product Page ($20)

This Baymax-inspired shirt is new in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store! Head on over to check out more nerdy designs.


Saurpuss sees all (unless you distract his eye with a laser pointer).

The Saurpuss design is available on everything from leggings and t-shirts to travel mugs.

Product Page (Prices Vary)

critical fails

There are some people who are cursed with the ability to consistently roll natural 1’s in D&D. I am such a person. So is Reddit user TinCanGoat. He’s so known for it that his DM got him a present so now he can truly say “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.”

If you want one of your own, we found it.

Product Page (Limited Availability): ($24.99)

Alternate Version: ($24.80)

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For cool summer nights, grab your favorite Marvel Avengers-style hoodie from Etsy shop Kusuriurisan’s awesome collection. There’s both cotton long sleeve and short sleeve hoodie t-shirts available representing Captain America, Hawkeye, Winter Solder, Black Widow, and more.

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You’ve been up all night playing the game and now you can be out all day in great Witcher 3 apparel. There are awesome raglan shirts for men and women with Geralt and Ciri. There’s also a fantastic hoodie with thumbholes at the cuffs and an MP3 player holder and eyelet in the front pocket. All are officially licensed products.

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mlp tunic

This My Little Pony-themed tunic lets you dress for anything from a golf outing to a block party to a Regatta in style and ponies.

Plus, it amuses me to think that I can dress like my mom and still wear ponies.

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The second I saw this t-shirt, I knew I had to have it. Bought it so fast, it’d make your head spin. Furiosa fever that has been sweeping the geek nation, and the mash-up of her as Rosie The Riveter is perfection. Needless to say, I love Mad Max Fury Road so so so much.

We’ve added the design to our Nerd Approved Shirt Store as a tee, a tank, a hoodie, a crewneck, and a print. It’s available for only $14 for a limited time so grab it at a discount while you can.

Product Page ($20 $14)


If you’re like me you’re thinking that an officially licensed Batcat shirt is kinda weird. That thought is quickly followed by “I can’t live with out this”. I also took a second to wonder why the hell this shirt is only available in men’s sizes. Hopefully that will change soon.

Product Page ($19.99)

ms marvel tank

Whether it’s for cosplay, cons or just casual wear, now you can show your love for Ms. Marvel with this tie waist racerback tank top.

It runs in sizes XS – 3XL.

Product Page ($31.99)