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The TARDIS breaks through boundaries and straight lines on this new Doctor Who raglan tee with 3/4 length sleeves from ThinkGeek. It’s blue and white, but the stripes go all wibbly wobbly around the TARDIS. At the speed she travels through time and space, it’s not surprising.

See a close-up of the TARDIS design after the break.

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h signs t mens

WeLoveFine’s new H Signs t-shirt is based on Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye #19. In the comic, Hawkeye suffers an inner ear injury that leaves him unable to hear, but the bigger win for the comic was how well it portrayed the daily life of deaf people.

This tee depicts “Hawkeye” spelled out in sign language and comes in purple, grey and black.

Additionally, Matt Fraction is donating his proceed from the shirt sales to the Signing Time Foundation. Great shirt and a great cause.

Product Page: ($25 via Technabob)

cutenado shirt

Sharknado may be out to kill you, but Cutenado will attack you with overwhelming adorableness. Just look at that tornado face and the happy little sharks popping out all over. You kind of just want to hug it, don’t you?

Product Page ($25.95 via shirtoid)


This t-shirt by Wahko may be one of the scariest shirts you’ll ever own depending on who you’re in a dark room with.

It’s already frightening to anyone who has a healthy fear of Doctor Who‘s Weeping Angels, but the idea that there’s a glow in the dark phase of this shirt that presents an attacking Angel visage? Yeaaaaaaah. I think some people may need new underwear if they end up in the wrong room with someone wearing it.

I also think that the person who wears it should make sure they’re not within kicking distance when the lights go out.

The shirt is available in men, women’s and kids sizes.

Product Page ($15)

samurai who

Doctor Who is a show where anything can happen. The Doctor’s TARDIS can go literally anywhere and anywhen, even to other realities under the right circumstances. The crossover possibilities are limitless, so why not grab this t-shirt featuring the 10th Doctor  meeting that time-lost hero Samurai Jack?

The shirt is available for $12 through the rest of the day on Fresh Brewed Tee. Afterwards, it can be found at full price on Redbubble.

(via Shirtoid)

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Geek girls know from experience that many retailers don’t understand that we like the same things geek boys like. So, we often get girlyfied versions instead of something that’s just made in a girl’s size.

One such retailer, Lands’ End, was taken to task by a mom who wanted to know why the boys got space themed tee’s with the solar system or a NASA logo and girls only had options for “cute” shirts with colorful stars (see above) or dogs in tutus.

What’s interesting here is that, while many retailers might not give it another thought, Lands’ End responded and even went a step further by updating their t-shirt selection for girls.

You can check out the mom’s letter and Lands’ End’s response after the break.

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Sports Ball 1

Some geeks are into sports, some aren’t. For those who just don’t get it but want to join in with cheering fans (or make fun of them) this Sportsball T-shirt by Jory Raphael can apply to any and all competitive ball-related events. (snicker). It’s not for sale currently, but watch Cotton Bureau and maybe they’ll print it again.

Check out another pic of the shirt after the break.

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High Price of Freedom

We all thought the same thing at the end of Free Willy. “Wow, what this really needs is a Ryu on whale Shoryuken.” Well now, you can see exactly that. This design by Rasabi “The Hight Price of Freedom” is $15 and comes in silver for T-shirts or unisex tank tops.

Product Page ($15)

greek wars

There’s a lot to be said of Ancient Greece and how much modern civilization owes to it. But perhaps their greatest achievement was the recognition of Star Wars. Don’t believe me? The proof is right here in this “Greek Wars” shirt design by Wharton, celebrating scenes from Return of the Jedi in an ancient and elegant style.

Product Page ($24-$25 via Shirtoid)

hanindyshirt copy

I’m not sure how LEGO Indy and Han ended up meeting each other. Maybe there was some sort of quantum mechanical error or the timey-wimey, wibbly wobbly space time continuum broke down or… Ah, hell, who honestly cares how this happened! Just enjoy that Indy and Han got the chance to meet up and swap stories about kicking butt and saving the day.

Check out a close-up of the shirt after the break…

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