The three wolf moon shirt is a thing of legend, but now it’s even more legendary with the addition of Rocket Raccoon. Sure, you could say the whole meme is over and done, but Rocket Raccoon is bringing it back, baby! And he’s bringing it back with some mighty impressive firepower. What’s not to love?

Product Page ($25 Topless Robot via Fanboy)

meh copy

Quick! We have to swing into action, fight some bad guys and… oh, you know what? I’m tired. No crime-fighting today. I’m beat. I’m justing going to throw on my Not-So-Action-Packed T-shirt, grab some ice cream and sit down for a eight-hour Netflix marathon. Superheroes have to relax too, you know.

Product Page: ($15.00)

The Last at-at t-shirt

Need a little unicorn in your life? This AT-AT is the last of its kind, and you can remember it with this t-shirt design from James Hance. The design is charming, and it makes me want to modify one of my AT-ATs and give it hair and a unicorn horn. I’ll let you know how that project goes.

Product Page ($12 – available for 1 more day only)

Wonder Woman tee

As much as I love to wear graphic geeky t-shirts, they’re not appropriate for every setting. The continuing surge in geek chic apparel allows us to get away with embracing our nerdy passions in more places though, and this Wonder Woman t-shirt is a great example. If you paired it with a blazer, it’s suitable as office attire; co-workers would think it was just a neat striped design. But you’ll know that you’re supporting an awesome superhero, and sometimes that’s just the extra push you need to get through the day.

Product Page (69.90 Brazilian Real or $32)

camo predator

If you’re a Predator fan, now you can wear this Predator Camo Sublimated tee to both show off your fandom and make other people feel dizzy.

I bet someone could have a blast at cons walking in front of someone cosplaying a Predator.

The shirt runs from size small to 3XL.

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This wonderful shirt is the work of one Marc Kerger who has created a Tetris t-shirt that is actually playable. He designed it to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the game. It runs on just 4 AA batteries with an arduino uno and 128 LEDs. Now you don’t need all those games on your phone to stay entertained.

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This beautiful The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time dress is just the thing to wear through the hot summer months. It’s got an allover design featuring images from the game on an 86% polyester 14% spandex blend for a snug fit. And guys, you don’t have to feel left out because there’s also a t-shirt version with the same design. The dress is on pre-order with delivery in about 3-4 weeks, but the shirt is ready to ship.

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exploding tardis tank

I’ll never forget Vincent van Gogh’s appearances on Doctor Who. He made an impression, and his painting of the exploding TARDIS seen in “The Pandorica Opens” will long be remembered because it’s featured on tons of Who merchandise. The latest item we’ve spotted featuring van Gogh’s vision is this slim fit tank top. It would look great paired with leggings and boots.

Product Page ($27.99)

alter egos lovecraft

What if some of our favorite historic figures led different lives? Steam Crow imagined alternate professions for Nikola Tesla, Edgar Allan Poe, Grigory Rasputin, and HP Lovecraft and designed a line of Altered Egos t-shirts to tell the tales.

Rasputin starts a hypnosis school, Poe runs a cryptographic detective agency, Tesla creates the first-ever energy drink, and Lovecraft works as a ghost writer and paranormal investigator. I love these ideas, and the vintage-style designs on the Altered Egos tees are fantastic.

Steam Crow is running a Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of printing and shipping the shirts. You’re essentially pre-ordering the tees, and you can expect to get your shirt around September.

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Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe just keep cranking out awesome themed clothing lines and the new Transformers collection is no exception. From a Bumblebee A-Line dress to Autobot leggings to a Dinobots baseball shirt, it’s got something for everyone.

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