We teased the the Hot Topic Powerpuff Girls collection last month, but today is the day that you can finally score the dresses, tops, skirts and tees!

Take a closer look at the collection below.

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We’ve seen the phrase “Come with me if you want to lift” on some unofficial Arnold shirts in the past, but now he’s made it the slogan for an official shirt as part of a “movement” that could be anything from a program promoting healthy living to some kind of gym-based cult.

Schwarzenegger posted a video to his YouTube channel promoting the shirt, which also features judicious and not-at-all tired uses of his classic catchphrases. He’s also begun to broadcast his workouts on Facebook.

You can buy your own “Come with me if you want to lift” shirt (if you’re so inclined). Proceeds from the sale of every shirt go to benefit After School All-Stars.

Check out the video below.

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Haven’t completed that Rosetta Stone course? Don’t have reception for a translation app? Maybe you just want to communicate something simple very quickly while traveling. That’s where the IconSpeak t-shirt comes in. The shirt features 40 universal icons for common things such as “hotel,” “airport” or “food.” Just point to the appropriate icons on your shirt, and you should be good to go in nearly any part of the world!

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star trek sweaters

Yesterday we featured the Star Trek uniform sweater (with mesh collar) and tank top combo in blue, but the line has quickly expanded to include gold and red versions. There’s even a new Starfleet Varsity Hoodie for good measure.

Take a closer look below.

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Here’s a good combination. The Star Trek blue women’s costume yoga tank top is good for exercising. Then you can wear the Star Trek blue costume women’s sweater afterwards when it’s time to relax. It even has mesh-see through collar (the blue section) to help keep you cool.

UPDATE: Now available in Red and Gold versions.

Or, y’know, you can just wear them to look cool as you sit around not working out.

Now I’m picturing Troi and Crusher wearing these during their work out heart-to-hearts.

Check out more pics below.

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The Powerpuff Girls are coming back to TV and they’re also headed to Hot Topic. The upcoming collection features three new dresses, a super cute skirt and a couple other cozies that look as cute as they look comfy.

The collection will be in stores and online beginning in May.

Take a closer look at the collection below.

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Man, ThinkGeek is really into the nerdy Hawaiian shirt look for summer. Though, a black shirt covered in Star Destroyers and Imperial crests doesn’t scream “fun” to me. Then again, this is the Empire we’re talking about. I’m guessing a Hawaiian shirt with a repeating pattern of Alderaan exploding would be hot seller.

Empire’s Reign Hawaiian Shirt ($49.99)

harley shirt

Your Harley Quinn Suicide Squad cosplay just got easier.

We’ve seen countless reproductions, but the first official Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Lil Monster” raglan is available in XS to 3X sizes while supplies last (which I suspect won’t be long).

Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Lil Monster” Shirt ($26.50-$30.50)


Boba Fett knows a thing or two about sun and sand. Basically, he’s the Jimmy Buffet of bounty hunters, so it’s not surprising that he has his own Hawaiian shirt. When it’s time to put down the blaster and pick up a margarita, this is the shirt to wear.

Product Page ($49.99)


Star Trek: THS would be a very different show. Mostly, it would be about hopping from planet to planet looking for beaches and exotic alien cocktails. The rest of the time the crew would be asleep in a hammock drifting aimlessly through space.

Star Trek Hawaiian Shirt ($49.99)