This t-shirt features a beautiful Lux from League of Legends on a t-shirt. From the product page:

Designed by Summoner Cubehero. In between battles, Lux quickly dons an apron to preserve her pristine armor and starts painting! Known by her fans as the Painter of Light, Lux’s crowning achievement is an old painting called Finales Funkeln.

The shirt is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Product Pages: Women/Men ($21.99 via So Geek Chic)

unicorn dinosaur shirt 1

There’s no battle like one between mythical creatures, and this vibrant design from Black Milk Clothing has it all. The front of the polyester tee features a beautiful but fierce unicorn while the back of the tee has a robot dinosaur that shoots lasers from its head. The fight plays out against a background of space and rainbows. Tell me this isn’t the greatest shirt in the history of ever.

See the back of the shirt with the robot dinosaur after the break.

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This shirt will explain to the world why you’re not all chipper and ready to go first thing in the morning. You’re not lazy. You’ve been up all night fighting evil by moonlight. The work of a Sailor Scout is never done.

Product Page ($23 via BuzzFeed)

who turned out the lights

Silence In The Library is one of my very favorite Doctor Who episodes, but it’s also one of the episodes that freaks me out the most because of this very thing.

If you want to scare me badly enough to make me run away, follow me in a zombie walk and just say “Hey, who turned out the lights?” in a creepy monotone. Works like a charm.

This design has the added benefit of being glow in the dark, so you can freak people out by turning out the lights and then following them around. Because you’re evil and you know you’ll do it.

Product Page ($15)

imperial evolution

There’s been a lot of talk about the new Stormtrooper helmet design in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, but as this t-shirt design by Tom Hodges shows, it’s not the first time the helmet has undergone an evolution.

This shirt has just been added to our Nerd Approved / Fashionably Geek merch store and is just $14 for a limited time.

Product Page ($14)

karate cat t-shirt

Nothing turns heads quite like a tacky cat t-shirt, and this one from Zumiez achieves an amazing level of gaudy that all cat shirts should strive for. It features an orange cat background and a human with a cat head doing karate in the foreground. It’s delightfully ridiculous. Plus, your enemies will know that you’re not to be trifled with.

Product Page ($19.99 via Boing Boing)

little princess tee

This design by Kelly Larson is a big bundle of feels from my childhood wrapped onto one perfectly poignant design. This mash up of Star Wars and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince is called The Little Princess and I want it on everything I own.

Product Page ($15)


Dress up your t-shirt drawer with this creative Deadpool argyle design by Manospd. Any Deadpool fan will immediately recognize the mask and swords, but to those not in the know, the shirt just looks like it has a funky argyle print. It would look fabulous with a black or gray cardigan.

Product Page ($17.95 via Shirtoid)


Riot Games has just launched its League of Legends store, so prepare to start emptying your wallet. There are hoodies, track jackets, and t-shirts along with the most adorable plush hats. You can choose from a Teemo or Corki hat and look fantastic while you’re keeping warm this winter.

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movie description tee 1

Get ready, obscure movie reference lovers because these t-shirts from Stereotype Design are made for you. The simple designs describe a movie with a single sentence, the release date, and the rating. It’s like Twitter-length movie summaries! They highlight films such as Star Wars, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, and more. How many movies can you name based on these short descriptions?

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